container truck help -- logistics service platform of truck and freight integration
2020-03-19 Read 558

Company Profile:

the container truck Gang promotes drop and pull transportation through automatic drop and pull, integrates resources such as containers, trucks, cargo, customs declaration and port services, and provides container related logistics services for customers in Beijing Tianjin Hebei region.

container trailer transportation:

carry out container trailer transportation of site packing and origin unpacking, and provide customers with timely, efficient and high-quality service

drop and hang transportation

through direct collection / direct delivery, client drop hanging, transfer station drop hanging and other ways to reduce transportation costs, improve operation efficiency, and bring preferential treatment to customers.

container towing transfer station:

through cooperation and establishment of container transfer station and inland yard, we can better provide container services to customers

special line, Beijing Tianjin Hebei access

route: Tianjin Wuqing Langfang Beijing

route: Tianjin Shengfang Baigou Xushui Baoding Shijiazhuang

route: Tianjin Cangzhou Hengshui Xingtai Handan

route: Tianjin Tangshan Guye Fengrun Qian'an