online booking information
2020-04-17 Read 817

EVA shipping is now launching the greenx e-commerce platform, which provides online inquiry, booking and payment functions. Meanwhile, EVA shipping enjoys the services of ensuring the shipping space and priority picking up. For online booking of Tianjin port, South Africa / Red Sea / South America / Southeast Asia route will be launched. Other routes will be opened one after another. No refund fee will be charged for booking before the end of April in case of unloading or transferring to the next voyage.

COSCO launched online booking, online freight inquiry, and the introduction of insured function. The number of online spaces can be viewed in real time, and the number of online spaces can be supplemented and the freight rate can be adjusted from time to time,


CMA launched the online booking service of the whole route. It can query the freight rate and the container situation of the destination port online. It will launch special price booking online from time to time. There is no charge for refund and transfer when the container is not picked up, but there will be refund and transfer fee after the container is picked up. Now CMA line has launched priority suitcase service, later will be launched in succession, such as cabin insurance, please pay attention.

the online and offline freight rates of HPL are the same, the freight rate query can also view some of the charges at the port of destination, and the online booking can purchase free containers at the port of departure and the port of destination, and the space protection service has been launched. In view of the lack of shipping space in peak season, the shipping space guarantee service is a very good choice.