half year meeting of KEYUN Group - Case Sharing of human resource system
2020-07-24 Read 1090

the importance of human resources is becoming more and more obvious. In the past two years, the group has invested a lot of energy in the strategic direction of building the human resources system, working closely with external human resources experts, Realize the continuous growth of human resource system.

in this half year meeting, Professor Liu Zihan, an external human resource expert of the group, summarized the construction case of human resource system.

the contents of this analysis are as follows:

content of human resource system

Based on the job analysis and job description, through the analysis of the position, formulate recruitment, training, evaluation and performance content.

the significance of human resource system:

human resource system is the "internal skill" of an enterprise, In the short term and long term, it has obvious effect on enterprises and individuals

short term effect:

  1. improve enterprise output efficiency:

clear job responsibilities and processes can help reduce internal friction and increase productivity and production efficiency.

  • promote the ability of each colleague:

clear performance system and operation process, let each colleague (including managers and grass-roots staff) focus on more productive affairs, more efficient and more happy.

long term effects:

& lt; & lt; seven habits of efficient personnel & gt; & gt; In this book, affairs are divided into "important and urgent" and "important and not urgent"

important and urgent affairs serve daily business;

important and non urgent affairs include the implementation of company strategy, optimization of operation process, etc.

if an enterprise develops the habit of putting more human and financial resources on "important but not urgent" affairs, it will have a strong ability to adapt to the changing market environment, and even have a long-term foundation.

the construction of human resource system needs everyone's effort, and the benefits of the system are also available to everyone.

finally, KEYUN refueling!