summary of the special meeting on the R & D introduction of the platform of the freight camp for the semiannual meeting of KEYUN Group in 2020
2020-07-24 Read 1751

KEYUN Group 2020 summary of the special meeting on R & D of truck and freight business platform of the annual semi annual meeting

on the afternoon of July 20th, as an important topic of the strategic deployment meeting of KEYUN Group in the second half of the year, the conference center of Fangu Mijing Park, the research and development introduction and discussion branch of vehicle, box and freight camp platform software system, was held. The chairman of the group, the general manager of the group, the assistant to the chairman of the group, the financial manager of the group, the general manager, the deputy general manager, the business manager, the financial manager, the full-time HR, the members of the study group and the business backbone of the group attended the meeting.

Ms. Chen Jiao, general manager of KEYUN logistics, demonstrated and shared the future change of container yard business in different scenarios.

every small scene perfectly integrates the concept of unmanned and intelligent.

apply the company's Internet platform, establish links with customers, advance the monitoring time axis, achieve more planning and improve customer experience; bid farewell to the window to handle orders, and realize "one yard suitcase". Using two-dimensional code and unmanned bayonet technology to simplify the operation process and greatly improve the efficiency of carrying cases; applying big data analysis to control all key nodes and intelligently optimize solutions; applying AI technology to intelligently judge operation risks and revise safety operation standards

through the combination with high and new technology, a series of traditional businesses have made a qualitative leap, and KEYUN logistics unique the Great Wall of science and technology has become a solid barrier to our import and export business.

transformation, we are on the way. That future, certainly can expect!