the alliance shows feelings and technology enables the future
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Alliance shows feelings & nbsp; technology empowers future

                          - record of KEYUN Group's semiannual summary meeting in 2020

dispelling the haze of the new crown epidemic, connecting the feelings of like-minded, from July 19, 2020 to July 21st, the group's middle and senior managers and core business backbones gathered in the Fangu honey garden, Jizhou, and the semiannual summary meeting of "new opportunities in crisis, new Bureau in change" of KEYUN Group was successfully held.

the whole meeting opened in a harmonious atmosphere of well prepared and well organized logistics enterprise alliance forum. At the Symposium on July 19th, we heard the special reports of general manager Chen Qiao and manager Yao Ruyan of KEYUN logistics on the enterprise alliance and the truck and container service platform; invited Professor Sun Chunhua, the cross-border E-Commerce Association of Binhai New Area, to make a keynote speech on "Joint Alliance, co construction and win-win"; shared the experience and expectation of the first batch of alliance enterprises to join the alliance. After listening to your speeches, Mr. Fan Jinkui, chairman of the board of directors, delivered a warm concluding speech. Fan stressed that the alliance should take "resource integration, advantage development" as the overall principle, and "innovative ideas, pragmatic operation" as the core, so as to achieve the alliance goal of "mutual benefit, coexistence and win-win".

obviously, the logistics enterprise alliance is the innovative performance of "point line surface body" in the logistics practice of intelligent logistics. It is under the background of intelligent logistics that the "truck and cargo integration service matching platform" of KEYUN Group emerges as the times require with the strategic development goal of transforming into a "science and technology applied logistics enterprise". On July 20, after listening to the last year's work and operation report of each company of the group and the special report of "cold chain logistics and SOC business introduction" by general manager Dong Guang, Dong fan made a mobilization speech on "implementation plan of enterprise development strategy". From a strategic perspective, Mr. fan made a strategic plan for the long-term and stable development of the group and defined the tactical application in combination with the state's general direction of assisting digital and intelligent logistics with 5g as the core, with the cooperation feelings of "not fighting with big companies or competing with small companies for their own interests".

the meeting made it clear that in order to comply with the changes of the times and the law of industry development, the group took "logistics technology R & D and technology application" as its development goal in the second half of this year and for quite a long time in the future, resolutely implemented the core business plan of "full container logistics supply chain service truck and cargo matching operation platform", and smoothly promoted the group to realize the overall transformation and upgrading as soon as possible.

according to the requirements of the meeting, all companies of the group must actively implement the overall strategy of the group's technology applied logistics enterprises with the height of "science and technology empowering the future" and the overall view. In combination with the actual situation of all companies, they should effectively participate in the construction of the integrated service platform of vehicles, boxes and goods, promote the development and growth of the enterprise logistics alliance, and increase new profit growth points while improving the brand awareness of KEYUN.

the figure of financial personnel is inevitable in the half year summary meeting. Keep pace with the times, the previous report form has been replaced by the form of knowledge training before the financial half year summary meeting. "Digital management and investment analysis model" Let the management vision of the participants be improved, the number of intelligent thinking can be opened, the industry finance integration and leading digital expertise will promote the financial personnel to play a more important role in cooperating with the group's strategic management and control.

software design and information platform development are essential to achieve the transformation of science and technology application logistics enterprises and to create the integrated service of truck and freight. Special arrangements have been made for the group's half year meeting. Chen Qiao, general manager of KEYUN logistics and invited software experts to explain the intelligent application practice and intelligent logistics system design respectively. Participants believed that the new generation of information technology will greatly enhance the advantages of KEYUN in connectivity, in-depth collaboration and efficient implementation.

in the digital era, both traditional logistics enterprises, logistics platforms and logistics technology companies must be aware of the scarcity of digital talents. Finding, recruiting and retaining digital talents should be the top priority of enterprise talent strategy.

a man without foresight must have immediate worries. On July 21, the group invited human resources experts to give a wonderful and vivid lesson to all the middle and senior managers. The training makes the whole group deeply realize that any mode is created by people, and the so-called mode innovation is the innovation of thinking and people in the final analysis! The implementation of talents should be forward-looking, which is the top priority for KEYUN Group to implement the new strategy.

in order to ensure the implementation of the strategy, instead of building castles in the air, the group held a non-stop discussion on the strategic linkage of trucks in North China, central China and East China on July 21. The person in charge of the supply chain of Keyun-Kifa and the person in charge of the logistics truck business of KEYUN shared the cases respectively. After listening to the full discussion of the participants, Mr. fan made a concluding speech. He asked the East China region to increase the fleet and capacity pool to improve the passenger capacity, and through self owned fleet to achieve direct collection transportation and drop and pull transportation; asked Qingdao company to research the market from July to October, formulate plans and project preparation, and strive to start the container truck project in 2021.

To summarize the semiannual meeting, all participants must fully realize the complex rules of the logistics industry, as well as the lack of resources and network support. If KEYUN can get through the business flow, logistics, information flow and cash flow with the help of "intelligent platform, digital operation and intelligent operation", there will be no doubt that KEYUN will establish its leading position in the industry.

to strengthen the science and technology innovation strategy, management innovation strategy, product innovation strategy, talent strategy, and create the "new KEYUN" model with "enterprise alliance", which is the mobilization order and March clarion call issued by the group's semiannual meeting in 2020. All members of the group must work together, clarify responsibilities, set goals, and work hard to achieve the group's strategic development goals in the new stage!