Keyun Group Co., Ltd
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Keyun group is the core of operation and management under the leadership of the group's board of directors, responsible for the planning, formulation and implementation of the group's overall development strategy; Responsible for creating a good business environment inside and outside the group; Control the capital operation and management at the group level; Supervise and monitor the operation and management of enterprises in the group; Organize the development and promotion of new products and projects, and assist enterprises to implement and optimize project management; Responsible for the overall informatization construction of the group; The head office is also the leader, organizer and promoter of the group's human resources system and corporate culture construction.


Address: 2412, floor 24, Tianxing riverside Plaza, No. 81, shiyijing Road, Hedong District, Tianjin

zip code: 300000

Tel: 022-58155912