the development of logistics industry will enter the information age
2015-07-24 Read 1359

"since the publication of the guiding opinions on promoting logistics informatization in January, governments at all levels have continuously increased their support for the construction of logistics informatization. It is not difficult to see that the development of China's logistics industry will enter the information age in the future." Dai Ding, vice president of China Federation of logistics and procurement and deputy director of National Logistics Standardization Technical Committee, said at the 2013 China logistics and procurement informatization promotion conference a few days ago.

The "2012 logistics informatization test report" released in May shows that the informatization development level of most logistics enterprises in China has been significantly improved last year, in which the logistics information integration construction has increasingly become the focus of enterprise development. 30.3% of enterprises take the construction of information platform (internal information processing, OA, value-added business) as the focus of informatization construction, and a number of emerging information technologies have also been improved It has been widely used.

Dai Dingyi said that 56.6% of the enterprises participating in the informatization research have invested in informatization, which is lower than last year. Among them, 15.38% of the enterprises have invested less than 1% in informatization, and less than 1 / 3 of the enterprises have invested more than 10%. "The low investment rate of logistics informatization will not only affect the effective allocation of resources, but also restrict the logistics operation and the integration of industrial supply chain." Dai Dingyi said. "In 2012, nearly 80% of the domestic logistics enterprises realized the whole process transparent visualization, and nearly 1 / 3 of the enterprises had 100% whole process transparent visualization capability." Dai Dingyi said that at present, information technology is fully penetrating into logistics activities. Only by continuing to strengthen information construction and improving the application level of information technology can enterprises make a breakthrough in the increasingly competitive market environment.