"it + Finance + freight forwarder" creates marine logistics and supply chain platform
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the capital flow of freight forwarding industry is amazing. China's annual freight forwarding industry has hundreds of billions of dollars and trillions of RMB logistics capital flow. Zoomlion group creates a "capital pool" for the freight forwarding industry, forms a financial product model, and uses finance as a lever to start maritime logistics related industries, so as to maximize efficiency, production capacity and profit. "Shipping Alipay" will be the latest mode and profit highlight of international supply chain. Alibaba's turnover of 1 trillion yuan in 2012 announced the formal arrival of the era of borderless platform industry. The profitability of enterprises no longer depends on the core competitiveness of a single product, but on the centralization of enterprise platform in the whole industrial chain. Different from the traditional thinking, the thinking of the platform era is to find "Centrality". The higher the centrality is, the better the chance will be to dominate the industrial chain platform.

in the chain of international procurement and supply, there are many links, such as international trade, marine transportation, port distribution, warehousing and logistics, freight forwarding, capital, information, security and so on. Which link has the highest degree of centralization? The answer is freight forwarding. In November 2012, China international shipping network launched a joint venture with representative freight forwarders at major ports in China to establish Zoomlion Supply Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Zoomlion supply group). This means the birth of freight forwarding geometric computing industry, which integrates "platform, business and capital".

"traditional freight forwarding" is facing many crises, and "combination + transformation" will become a trend

the future logistics competition is a chain competition, which depends on the system, resources and integration to form a supply chain and value chain. Regional companies that only provide a single service will not survive.

the freight forwarding industry is the most aware of the cold and warm of the economy. From the beginning of the financial crisis at the end of 2008 to now, all the freight forwarding enterprises feel the intensified competition. The series of problems in front of China's freight forwarding industry does not mean that the freight forwarding industry itself has not developed. The international freight forwarding industry is the core link of international trade, international transportation and physical logistics. International freight forwarding has three advantages: information flow, capital flow and business flow.

the management of many freight forwarding enterprises have clearly realized that the crisis will inevitably lead to the reduction of logistics demand, and will also intensify the competition in the logistics market. Only by cooperating, enhancing strength, and being brave in innovation, can they stand out in this round of competition. In addition to the combination, we should also optimize the market mechanism. Credit is the only adhesive. We should build a freight forwarding credit cooperation platform. We should focus on the overall situation, integrate the idea and wisdom of international operation, and integrate the new business philosophy with the global strategic concept. Only in this way can we make a promising model and product.

transformation is inevitable. The key is how to transform. Many enterprises can't find the direction. In this regard, China international shipping network has explored for many years in leading and advocating the reform of freight forwarding industry. Since 2010, after visiting hundreds of freight forwarding companies in the past two years, investigating and planning, the legal entity of supply chain platform established by joint investment with representative freight forwarding enterprises at major ports in China has been registered as "China United freight forwarding Group Co., Ltd." (hereinafter referred to as "Zoomlion group") which is the main operation body of the new mode of "freight forwarding finance". The business philosophy of Zoomlion group is to "centralize" the capital flow, data flow and business flow of the freight forwarding industry through the platform of Zoomlion group, so as to form "centralization" products with discourse power, and help freight forwarding enterprises and international supply chain related enterprises to maximize efficiency and benefit. This also means the birth of freight forwarding geometric computing industry, which integrates platform, business and capital.

in the way of "capital + platform", Zoomlion group controls the supply chain pattern industry, and controls a core field of international procurement and supply. The group is established by dozens of freight forwarding enterprises with certain scale and strength at various ports in China. These companies are united in the form of shares. As these companies are distributed at major ports in China, the group headquarters not only coordinates the internal shareholder companies, but drives the whole market through the internal shareholder companies.

the development of "Alipay for shipping" is as effective as "Alibaba"

Taobao - the annual turnover of nearly 1 trillion, for any traditional enterprise, this is undoubtedly an astronomical number. However, there are some figures that are particularly noteworthy. In China, freight forwarders have hundreds of billions of dollars and trillions of yuan of shipping costs, more than 100 million customs declaration forms, more than 100 million tax invoices, more than 100 million ocean bills of lading, and hundreds of millions of logistics and warehousing consignments in the hands of freight forwarders every year. The economic benefits of the "centralized" platform are comparable.

freight forwarding enterprises need only a platform if they want to go from the previous "bad money" to the present "not bad money". The capital flow of freight forwarding industry is huge. China's annual freight forwarding industry has hundreds of billions of dollars and trillions of yuan of logistics capital flow, the total amount of which exceeds many industries. The central idea of the establishment of Zoomlion group is to create a "capital pool" for the freight forwarding industry, form a financial product model, and use finance as a lever to start the marine logistics related industries, so as to maximize efficiency, production capacity and profit. "Shipping Alipay" will be the latest mode and profit highlight of international supply chain.

Through the platform financial system and credit guarantee mechanism, Zoomlion group provides the service of "shipping Alipay". The core competitiveness of "shipping Alipay" lies in the word "concentration". It establishes the settlement center and port settlement center of Zoomlion group. Aiming at domestic shippers, freight forwarders and shipping companies, the settlement center of Zoomlion group realizes "one in and one out" of payment, "one in and one out" of invoice and "one out" of bill of lading“ One in and one out "; for foreign business, single, single fee" one in and one out ", to solve the security problems of freight payment and bill of lading issue. Through the billions or even billions of financial data collected by the settlement center of Zoomlion group, we can form a three-point and one-line relationship with shippers and shipping companies, reduce multiple business and financial links, and form a safe, fast and cost-effective payment and settlement system with branches, shipping companies, freight forwarders and shippers. In this link, we can obtain the strong support of banks, and then carry out the business with freight forwarders as the starting point Financial logistics operation. At the same time, it lays the foundation for the capital listing of Zoomlion group.

the turnover of shareholders of Zoomlion supply group is about 200-1 billion yuan, and the turnover of Zoomlion group is expected to reach 5 billion yuan in the first year. In addition, unified taxation can realize the headquarters effect and enjoy the tax reduction policy of the government. Thus, the financial cost, tax cost and labor cost of each member company will be saved. At the same time, because of opening an account in the same bank, we can realize joint insurance, carry out capital operation, and solve the problem of internal and external capital flow of the company. Secondly, business integration is formed. The mode is equivalent to B2B group buying. We settle accounts in one account, and the business is also centralized as a platform. There is a huge business flow. Now, Zoomlion group is doing it as an independent legal person. The 20 companies together can reach several million containers a year, and can realize the "centralized procurement" of shipping companies.

the huge capital flow of freight forwarding enterprises comes from the union. They operate capital through a unified platform, use big capital, do big business, package big projects and earn big money. The listing of Zoomlion group is not a goal, but a tool to quickly "climb to the top" and control the real economy industry to the greatest extent by means of virtual economy. At the same time, it brings return on investment to all shareholders.

establish a national logistics brand and win the voice of the industry

in many fields of China's logistics industry, it is difficult to find the national brands in the top three. Foreign brands are creating more and more single champion in China: express industry first, forklift industry first, liner company first, logistics real estate first, automobile logistics first, catering logistics first Now, truck transportation and less than carload transportation are added.

in recent years, the world economic situation has changed dramatically, with a situation of "cold outside and hot inside". Foreign first-class logistics enterprises also entered China, competing for the Chinese market cake. China's large logistics freight forwarding companies can rely on the accumulated strength to resist for a period of time, small companies can survive guerrilla warfare with low cost. Large and medium-sized companies have a heavy burden, and their development is in a bottleneck stage. At the same time, there were threats from large-scale companies, including state-owned companies, on both sides of the border, fighting with peers of the same scale, and then being pursued by foreign companies. FedEx of the United States has acquired Datian group, TNT of the Netherlands has acquired Huayu logistics, ups of the United States has acquired 50% equity of the joint venture company with Sinotrans, and some local enterprises that have just created brands have been recruited by foreign brands in just a few years. Chinese logistics enterprises are facing great pressure from international logistics enterprises, so it is urgent to develop national logistics enterprises with Chinese brands.

in addition, the freight forwarding industry has been in a state of "anarchy" for a long time, without the attention of the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of communications and local governments, and without policy support in tax, loan, project and management. In China, without the support of the government, it is difficult for the industry to take the lead. In addition, it is the issue of international voice. In addition to the state-owned logistics enterprises, most of China's private enterprises are from grass roots, and have no voice in the world.

to change this situation, on the one hand, Chinese freight forwarders must unite to form a powerful force. Zoomlion group will build a cloud supply chain platform, develop special international supply chain mode, etc., and win the logistics entrustment of international procurement and supply in the huge market of international procurement of Chinese supply or Chinese procurement of world supply.

on the other hand, the state and government departments should have good policies and measures to encourage national logistics enterprises to embark on the track of sound development. For logistics enterprises, especially for small and medium-sized logistics enterprises, there are many practical difficulties, which need the unified management and renovation of the state and government departments, so as to effectively regulate the market and create a good survival and development environment for logistics enterprises.