Huawei time management skills 6
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the second chapter is the misunderstanding of time management

we explore the way to overcome the waste of time develop skills to overcome time management mistakes 。 The so-called misunderstanding of time management refers to various factors that lead to the waste of time. Here are five misunderstandings of time management. Please read and analyze them carefully to see if you have the same problem

one of the misunderstandings: lack of work plan

Charles · when he was the president of Bethlehem Steel half a century ago, Schwarzenegger once proposed such an unusual challenge to Li Aifei, a management consultant: please tell me how to do more during office hours and I will pay you any consultant fee. Li Aifei then handed him a piece of paper and said to him write down the most important tasks you have to do tomorrow, start with the most important one, and continue to do it until you finish it. Reexamine your priorities and move on to the second important task. Don't worry if any of the work you're doing takes you all day. As long as the work in hand is the most important, stick to it. If you can't do all the important work in this way, you can't do it in any other way, and if you don't use the priority of one thing, you may not even know which one is the most important. Make all of the above into your daily routine. When this proposal works for you, offer it to your subordinates for adoption

a few weeks later, Schwarzenegger sent Li Aifei a check with a value of US $25000, adding that she had indeed taught him a very valuable lesson. It is said that the reason why the Bethlehem urn became the world's largest independent steel manufacturer may be due to Li Aifei's words.


Although the formulation of a plan can bring us many benefits, some of our colleagues have never done it or paid little attention to it. The reasons are as follows:

1 , due to overemphasis difficult to know, easy to do I don't think it's necessary to think more before taking action;

2 . Without planning, we can get actual results;

3 , do not understand the benefits of planning;

4 , it is very difficult for the plan and the fact to be consistent, so they lose confidence in the plan;

5 . I don't know how to plan.