Huawei time management skills 4
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1.2 what is it time management

time management what we are exploring is how to reduce the waste of time in order to effectively achieve the set goals. Because of the four peculiarities of time, the object of time management is not time time , it refers to the face of time self manager management

Please note:

1 waste of time refers to the time consumption that has no contribution to the goal.   ( 2 self management ”—— you have to abandon bad habits and introduce new ways of working and living habits, including setting goals, making proper plans, allocating time, balancing priorities and devolution of power, as well as self-discipline and perseverance to improve efficiency and get twice the result with half the effort.

most of the people who can make outstanding achievements in their career are experts in time management, and Gerry has become an expert in Wigley South joint venture 20 General Manager for many years, the company is one of the most successful supermarkets in the United States, and he has won many commendable honors. First, his work history record is the envy of almost all general managers, including continuous sales records and profit records. Secondly, he applies the basic principles of planning, organization, authorization, incentive, evaluation and control continuously, which shows his spirit of professional management. Thirdly, his dedication to the principle of time management has been praised by a large number of articles. In Gerry's view, the foundation of correct management is good time management.