Huawei time management skills 3
2015-07-24 Read 490

the world is making progress almost comprehensively, but we still have only one day 24 hours. The most successful and the least successful people have only one day 24 hours, but the difference is how they use what they have 24 hours. So what is time?

We philosophers say: time is the order and persistence of material movement, which is one-dimensional and a special resource.

to really understand time and manage it time it is necessary for us to have a deep understanding of the essence of time. Let's first understand the four peculiarities of time

1 ) there is no elasticity of supply: the supply of time is fixed and will not increase or decrease under any circumstances, and it is daily 24 hours, so we can't open source.

2 ) unable to accumulate: time is not stored like human, financial, material and technology. We have to spend time, whether we want it or not, so we can't cut back.

3 ) can not be replaced: any activity depends on the accumulation of time, that is to say, time is an indispensable basic resource for any activity. Therefore, time is irreplaceable.

4 ) can't be lost and recovered: time can't be lost and recovered like lost things. Once it is lost, it will be lost forever. Money spent can be earned back, but if time is wasted, no one can recover it.