Huawei time management skills 1
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concept and misunderstanding of time management

the concept of time management

what is time?

in our discussion time management before this question, read an article:

1930 in, Mr. Hu Shi delivered a speech at a graduation ceremony

Graduates: you are leaving your alma mater now. I have no gift for you, so I have to give you a word.

this sentence is: cherish time, don't abandon learning.

most of the previous lessons may have been done as a last resort for this diploma. From now on, you are free to study as you wish. When we are young and powerful, we should try our best to do a kind of special knowledge. Teenagers are gone forever. When they are exhausted, it is too late to study.

some people say: after going out to work, life problems need to be solved urgently. How can I spare time to study? Even if you want to study, how can you study without a library or a laboratory?

I want to say to you: those who have to wait until they have a library to read will not read; those who have to wait until they have a laboratory to do research will not do research. When you have the determination to study a problem, you will naturally save money to buy books, and you will naturally come up with a way to set up the instrument.

as for time, it's not a problem. Darwin was sick all his life. He couldn't do more work. He could only do it every day 1 work at 12 o'clock. Look at his grades! Spend every day 1 point to see 10 pages of useful books to read every year 3600 multi page book; 30 annual reading 11 ten thousand pages.