a new way of liquid bulk transportation
2015-07-24 Read 701

bulk liquid transportation is a major branch of the transportation industry. For a long time, the traditional shipping tank and packaging barrel are the main mode of transportation. However, the high cost of purchase, return, maintenance and cleaning of shipping cans and packaging barrels often leads to high logistics cost of enterprises, which also has a negative impact on the utilization of national resources and environmental protection. As a result, an economic and environmental protection new way of bulk liquid transportation liquid bag transportation came into being and became the new favorite of the international liquid logistics industry. Liquid bag is a special large plastic bag, which can be used together with 20 foot container to transform an ordinary 20 foot container into a liquid transport tool, and can store 23000 liters of non hazardous liquid. This kind of container liquid transportation mode was used in military transportation for a long time, and then improved for civilian use. Today's liquid bags not only have a great change in the material, that is, from the initial rubber based gradually to today's polyethylene based, but also gradually abandon the reuse type in use and take disposable use as the mainstream. This not only saves the production cost and the cost of air return and cleaning, but also reflects the new idea of resource protection and ensuring the quality of goods.

applicable products of liquid bag: food grade wine edible oil food additives water water fruit juice concentrates pharmaceuticals mineral oils vegetable oils industrial grade general chemicals lubricating oils additives Transformer oli transformer oil plasticisters synthetic resin detergents / Detergents silicates emulsions / emulsions salt solutions natural latex synthetic latex White oil herbicide herbicides fertilizers fertilizer coconut oil coconut oil rust inhibitors