8% troubles
2015-07-24 Read 400

a psychologist did an interesting experiment. He asked a group of experimenters to write down all the worries in the next seven days on Sunday night, and then put them into a large "trouble box".

on the Sunday of the third week, he opened the box in front of the experimenters and checked each "worry" with the members one by one. It was found that 90% of the worries did not really happen.

then he asked everyone to put the rest of the note back in the carton. After three weeks, he came to find a solution. As a result, on that day, after he opened the box, he found that those troubles were no longer troubles.

perception: troubles are brought by oneself, which is the so-called "asking for trouble by oneself". According to statistics, 40% of people's worries belong to the present, 92% of them have never happened, and the remaining 8% are something you can easily deal with. There is a secret that doctors know: most diseases can be cured without treatment. Similarly, most of the worries will be much better the next morning. The secret to overcome anxiety is to develop a detached attitude, regard the overflowing worry as the river flowing in the past, do not allow yourself to indulge in it, often focus on the reality and things around you, and be sure to develop the habit of being grateful for everything. Sometimes our hearts, like in the dark night of winter, ask ourselves to write down the reasons why we are happy one by one, which can guide us to get rid of the maze of sadness quickly.