the value system of Keyun culture
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[concept of joint efforts of KLM Group]

family consciousness
overall situation awareness
long term awareness
win win awareness

the development of KLM needs strong joint force most. Keyun is a "non consanguineous family enterprise", whose profound internal force is a community of shared destiny of coexistence, CO creation and symbiosis. The power of a straw is meager, but the straw rope can pull the huge stone.
gram Yun requires everyone to have family consciousness, mutual trust and understanding is better than blood thicker than water;
gram Yun requires everyone to have a sense of the overall situation, only focusing on the small profits in front of them, not only can't satisfy their own selfish desires, but can only stab the ship in the same boat;
Gyun requires everyone to have a long-term sense, standing high can see far, and seeing far can do long;
Keyun requires everyone to have a sense of win-win. Whether we treat customers or colleagues around us, others will gain something, which is the ladder for our growth.

the maxim of Ke Yun and the chapter of Li Li

· a straw is insignificant; bundles of straw rope pull the weight.
the resultant force of "community of common destiny" can never be compared by individuals.

· the real strength of a family does not lie in "blood is thicker than water",
there are many examples of family members fighting for power and profit.
and the essence of kinship is nothing more than:
absolute trust, mutual understanding and dedication.

· the so-called "understanding the overall situation" lies in knowing how to balance interests.
the overall interests are always higher than the local interests;
the interests of the team are always higher than those of the individual;
long term interests are always higher than immediate interests.

the wisdom of "willing" is to reach oneself as an adult.
the realization of the other party's value is the foundation of self achievement;
if others have something to gain, it is the ladder of their own growth.

[learning view of Keyun group]
no & nbsp; set & nbsp; old & nbsp; me
Learning & nbsp; knowledge & nbsp; pleasure & nbsp; appreciation
Shen & nbsp; Jing & nbsp; SI & nbsp; Kao
Fast & nbsp; speed & nbsp; change & nbsp; leather


in today's era, whether enterprises or individuals, the ability to learn almost determines the ability to survive.

learning is for innovation, and the key to innovation is not "innovation", but "old". If we do not break, we will not stand. If we do not deny the old self, we are not learning.

appreciation is the noble taste, and appreciation is the ability to learn. Keyun people believe that when you can listen to even the most acute criticism with the attitude of appreciation, you really learn to absorb and tolerate.

learn wisdom, learn to think, learn to be quiet, think first and then move.

change is the real result of learning.

mottos of the game · learning  

  • learning makes new, new makes use of.

the purpose of learning is innovation, and the essence of innovation is application.

  • innovation itself is not difficult, what is difficult is to go out from the "old".

the key to innovation is not "innovation", but "dilapidation".

  • don't say "no" easily, don't say "no" prematurely.

many "impossible" things are well done by others.

  • it takes a price to try; it takes a cost to innovate; it takes a cost to innovate;

real learning and real innovation are valuable.

every innovation of KLM should shine the light of value.

  • reading with taste is the first step in learning;

the standard of taste is whether you can make yourself better.

creative imitation is the first step of innovation;

the criterion to judge creativity is whether others' can become their own.

  • do things when sober, walk when confused, rest when angry, and think when alone.

time will trace your efforts.

[management concept of Keyun group]
operating customer value
operating internal and external networks
steady operation project
Managing for a long time


KLM should abandon the traditional experience and old goals, and use new thinking and models to deal with the changes of the market.

the business focus of KLM should pay attention to the growth of customer value in an all-round way, reduce costs with technology, enhance value space with information linkage, and approach customer demand with extended services.

the network is the lifeline of KLM. From the perspective of overall interests, the laying and consolidation of key outlets at home and abroad, the filling of talent team,   is the key node of business strategy.

choice is more important than struggle, steadiness is more important than high return. Key battlefields often require us to make zero mistakes, without scientific and reliable prediction, and we should think twice before taking action.

the development potential of Keyun is the foundation of business expansion. The consciousness of sustainable development must go deep into the marrow.

mottos of Keyun · management

  • the improvement of customer value is more important than the delivery of goods;

a perfect operation network is more important than high orders;

steady project selection is more important than huge profits;

long term sustainable development is more important than expansion speed.

  • about business performance:

return on investment is an important indicator, but not the only one,

pay more attention to the balance between efficiency and effectiveness, and pay more attention to long-term development.

  • about market resources:

resources are used for "integration", not for "sacrifice".

no matter how big the profit is, we will not do the business of killing the chicken to get the eggs;

no matter how many benefits you can get from abandoning your partner.

  • about market competition:

competition is everywhere. No matter enterprises or individuals, it may be replaced at any time.

creating advantages, consolidating advantages and enlarging advantages are the long-term ways.

management concept of KLM Group
respect human nature
both strict and loving
insist on equality
build a platform

Keyun always adheres to the management thought of "people-oriented" and the basis of people-oriented, which is based on the understanding and respect of human nature. Keyun advocates that the management should always focus on human needs, human development, human growth and human value.
management is serious love, care is responsible management. The management of Keyun advocates strict love, being responsible for growth, harvest, development and future.
there is no absolute fairness in the world, but klun always believes that everyone can have an equal heart. In KLM, equality is the foundation of management and equality is the guarantee of procedure. In front of the management, everyone is the same, in front of the procedure, everyone is treated equally.
the cause pursued by KLM is so far away and the world faced by KLM is so big. It can be said that the platform provided by KLM to all people is almost unlimited. More importantly, ability, struggle and faith.

gram Yun Maxim · management

· management is serious love, care is responsible management.
the real love of superiors for subordinates is to be responsible for growth and future.

· about management execution:
the executive power of the grassroots is "fast" and "accurate";
the executive power of the middle level lies in "conquering" and "innovating";
the executive power of senior management lies in "bearing" and "choice".

· about management decision making:
team intelligence, individual decision making;
democratic discussion, centralized decision-making.
we advocate democratic management but oppose multilateral decision-making.
the reason is simple - who makes the decision, who pays.

· about the system and procedure:
the system is greater than the rule of man, and everyone is equal before the system;
the procedure cannot be overstepped, and overstepping the procedure violates the principle.

[credit concept of KLM]
commitment Bing
speaking is doing
sincere communication
face up to responsibility

wisdom is like water, sincerity is mountain.
when water comes up from the mountain, sincerity is the root of wisdom.
integrity is the cornerstone of KLM, and integrity is the most basic integrity of KLM people.
in case of any promise, the freighter must fulfill the promise;
as mentioned, the freighter must act immediately.
Keyun people adhere to the principle of "modesty", and the integrity of Keyun is modest and real.
people can not be perfect, only integrity can not be flawed;
everything can't be perfect, only the responsibility can't be shirked.
truth is more important than face, and people who communicate sincerely have the most dignity;
responsibility is more important than interest, and people who have the courage to take on responsibility will develop.

gram Yun Maxim and integrity

· integrity is different from credit card,
overdraft, but not yet; slow accumulation, but high consumption.
so cherish and grasp every promise.

· it's stupid to fool customers because they lose the opportunity to cooperate;
it's dangerous to fool the superior because of the punishment of the system;
it's sad to fool yourself, because you give up the space for development.

· for work,
deception is deception. There is no distinction between goodwill and malice.

· people can't be perfect, things can't be perfect
in the face of mistakes, the right way is to communicate frankly and solve them actively,
instead of making an irreparable mistake with a lie.

· responsibility is the foundation of good faith.
people who can take on important tasks, people worthy of trust,
there are more opportunities for development.

[KLM Group service concept]
positive and comprehensive
think more
expert image

the service of KLM is positive and professional.
service is proactive, not wait and see. Usually, the customer's active feedback is often negative.
being positive doesn't mean asking and harassing. What's really positive is that we think of it when the customer doesn't think of it; we predict it when the customer doesn't. The essence of positivity is comprehensiveness and consideration ahead.
service must be professional, not rigid. Only "expert" level professional services can bring customers a reassuring experience and gain the respect of the industry.
Keyun people will always remember that service is not just a smile, but a thoughtful, well prepared, skilled and problem-solving expert.

gram Yun Maxim and service

· good service is definitely more than smile, enthusiasm and affinity,
"service content" is more important than "service form",
customers focus on whether the goods can be safe and the progress can be guaranteed,
whether the problem can be solved and the value can be improved.

· good service is considered before customers,
it's dangerous to keep customers waiting,
customer feedback is often negative.

· make sure you are fully prepared before every communication with customers,
full to detail, to become an expert on this project,
no one wants to spend time listening to unreliable things,
no one wants to give business to unprofessional people.

· to meet the needs of customers is a complete service;
Surpassing customers' expectations is the perfect service.

talent concept of KLM
abide by the duty
proficient in & nbsp; professional & nbsp; field
Package & nbsp; capacity & nbsp; absorption & nbsp; Na
Ling & nbsp; Jie & nbsp; Xie & nbsp; Dong


talent is the most precious treasure of Keyun.

competent, which is the benchmark for the definition of talents by Croft. Position is the basis of enterprise operation, and responsibility is the starting point of enterprise personnel. It is the minimum requirement for every gram carrier to stick to his / her own post and shoulder the post responsibilities.

every gram transporter should be an "expert" in his own field of work. We should study, learn and do our work thoroughly, so that we can not be replaced in our posts.

excellent talents, know how to tolerate and absorb, open up their horizons and mind. Excellent enterprises are also able to continuously gather various forces.

in today's situation, only those who are agile, flexible and fast-moving have opportunities, and only those who are good at cooperation and win-win can grow better.

mottos of Ke Yun · talent

  • the reason why talents can be called talents,

it's because I am professional in my work and competent in my post.

  • what are professional talents?

professionals are irreplaceable in your position;

professional talent means that customers think you are trustworthy;

professionals can actively solve problems when they encounter them;

professionals can continue to learn and innovate actively.

  • about promotion path:

the top level comes from the grass-roots level, and only the grass-roots level can be competent for the overall situation;

there are opportunities at the grassroots level. As long as they have made achievements, they will provide a platform.

  • excellent talents are well versed in the power of team and partners,

the era of doing things alone is long gone,

in the future, it belongs to the agile, flexible and cooperative people.

  • about talent growth:

talents don't depend on training, but on self-cultivation;

excellence does not depend on education, but on self transformation and survival of the fittest.

quality concept of KLM
Yan & nbsp; Shou & nbsp; Cheng & nbsp; Xu
Note: Heavy Section
Precision & nbsp; quasi & nbsp; high & nbsp; efficiency
stability & amp; stability & amp; safety & amp; safety


quality is the foundation of enterprise operation and the most direct force for enterprises to create and retain customers.

the quality of KLM depends on the two cornerstones of "system management" and "talent quality".

management system, execution procedure and strict process are the first means to ensure the quality. No one can override the system and process, and nothing is allowed to break away from the constraints of the procedure. Strict process system is the hardware foundation to ensure the quality.

the refined operation and precise execution of Keyun is the second line of defense for quality. More precisely, each gram carries the person to should realize profoundly, the quality is in own hand is the last pass.

only by making the work flowing into our hands zero mistakes can we truly ensure the efficient and stable operation of the enterprise and the safety of customers' goods.

mottos of Keyun · quality

  • for enterprises, quality is almost equal to brand;

for individuals, quality is almost equal to character.

  • the key to quality assurance lies in the system, system and process.

no one can override the system and process,

nothing is allowed to break away from the constraints of the program.

  • the result of quality is the first standard of performance ability,

using quality output is the first indicator of performance appraisal.

  • good quality is:

safety of goods, smooth progress, the best scheme, customers rest assured.

  • detail determines quality, precision creates quality, and quality is bigger from smaller.

in many cases, the harm caused by a flaw is immeasurable,

no matter how much you pay, you can't make up for the depression caused by capsizing in the sewer.