the core of the culture system of Ke Yun
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core values of KLM

Global View
share success
constantly surpassing

the core values of the enterprise are the soul of the enterprise people, and the core values of Keyun are the spiritual power integrated into the blood of Keyun people.
we advocate professionalism: professional attitude, professional technology, professional service and professional brand. The professional spirit is the value foundation of the cause of KLM.
we advocate global vision: global vision, global thinking, global information, global exploration. Based on the domestic, facing the world, closely following the globalization process of the world, in the process of globalization, grow together with partners.
we advocate sharing achievements: sharing value with customers, success with the team and happiness with family. Co creation, win-win, sharing, sharing spirit is close to the belief of Kelun people.
we advocate continuous Transcendence: openness, inclusiveness, learning, positive action, challenging the past and challenging ourselves. Let the cause higher, let oneself more harvest, let the customer more convenient, more satisfied.

mission of KLM

connect you and me
create convenience

enterprise mission is the value of enterprise existence and the driving force of enterprise development.
the cause of Keyun is worthy of our pride. We believe that there are few such undertakings in the world that can be so global oriented, so cross racial, so extensive in industry, and so profoundly change the way of life.
we reduce the distance of the world by shortening time and space;
we use the scheme of saving money to improve the value of customers.
just imagine that our business system includes the earth. Every decision we make and every action we do contributes to people far away from the other side of the world. We should be very pleased.
with professional services and global network, KLM people put the world in their heart to deliver goods, transport brands, provide information and create business opportunities for the world.
the significance of the existence of gram Yun is to make people closer and the world more convenient.

vision of KLM

become a trustworthy international integrated logistics brand

enterprise vision is a lofty goal for which all employees are willing to work for a long time.
KLM Group should develop into an "international enterprise of real significance".
what is real internationalization?
KLM believes that only truly becoming an international brand, providing international services, connecting international networks, cooperating with international customers, and having international talents are truly internationalized. At the same time, KLM advocates "internationalization with Chinese characteristics": adhere to local characteristics, adapt to international norms and pool international resources.
a real international brand is deeply trusted.
only well-known brands are trusted;
only the brand respected by customers can be trusted;
only the industry benchmark brand can be trusted;
only brands with significant advantages can be trusted.
in order to be "trustworthy" and "truly international", KLM will do its best to improve and strive.

[spirit of KLM Group]

embrace dreams
down to earth

the enterprise spirit conveys the enterprise's attitude of pursuing career, highlights the enterprise's unique team personality, and presents the enterprise staff's spiritual outlook.
the core of Keyun spirit is "dream" and "practical work".
dream has always been the most fundamental power of gram Yun.
only when enterprises have dreams can they create the future;
only when employees dare to pursue their dreams can they keep growing.
but we also need to realize that dreams are made by doing, not by thinking.
focus on the world, but the key is to work hard;
the head can probe into the clouds, but the feet must be on the ground.
only do it realistically, quickly and intelligently,
only in this way can we catch up with our dreams, grasp them and embrace them.