• two day tour of Chengde Mountain Resort of Gangji company
    in order to carry forward the corporate culture and enrich the spiritual and cultural life of employees, the company organized a two-day tour to Chengde from June 13 to 14, 2015. Most of the employees actively participated in the group tour. In such hot and dry weather, it is undoubtedly a very pleasant thing to travel to Chengde summer resort. Through the company's annual tourism activities, we can forget the tension of work and enjoy the joy and pleasure of tourism while traveling healthily. It can not only enrich the cultural life of employees and relieve the pressure of normal work, but also effectively enhance the cohesion of employees and the sense of belonging to the company, strengthen the cultural construction of the company, and fully reflect the leadership of the company We will devote more enthusiasm and positive attitude to work and study.
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  • Keyun group participated in Vietnam (Hanoi) International Trade Fair
    the spring breeze sent warm earth to recover. From April 15 to 18, 2015, the 25th Vietnam import and Export Fair was held in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. KEYUN group and KEYUN Latin America company, Vietnam company and Tianjin Gangji company participated in the exhibition. KLM is also the only Chinese company participating in the exhibition to invest and set up a logistics service company in Vietnam. in the past few years and even in the next few years, Vietnam will replace China as the core of the world's manufacturing industry, and its export volume will increase greatly. As a global, international logistics elite network operation of KEYUN logistics group, according to the needs of domestic and foreign merchants and the development of overseas companies, the first time to participate in the business of local logistics development in Vietnam, refers to the provision of logistics services in and out of Vietnam to a large number of domestic and foreign consignees.
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  • Keyun group holds 2015 New Year dinner
    & nbsp; wine dating spring, lion dancing in the future. Tonight's Westin Hotel is resplendent and full of friends, with smiling faces full of happiness and joy, emitting a happy and peaceful festival atmosphere. Based on the theme of "taking advantage of the overall deepening of reform in spring and promoting the sustainable development of KEYUN", KEYUN group held a grand spring dinner in 2015 with the theme of "Voyage" on January 16, 2015 at 18 p.m. in Westin Hotel. more than 200 KEYUN people from various companies of the group, represented by outstanding employees and excellent teams who have won 20 and 10 years' contribution awards, as well as representatives of partners and customers from all over the world, gathered to share the past and welcome the new, sing and dance, and celebrate the festival.
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  • KLM Group holds annual summary report meeting
    on January 16th, more than 40 middle and senior managers of KEYUN group from all over the country gathered in the KEYUN Hall of the Westin Hotel in Junlong to participate in the annual summary report meeting of KEYUN group. Centering on the theme of "reform, innovation and promotion", the meeting carefully listened to the relevant work reports of Mr. Liu Qingzhong, assistant chairman of the board of directors, and Mr. Liang song, Mr. Zhang Jianwei, Mr. Yao Jun and Ms. Cui Huan, four vice presidents. In the form of a summary speech by Mr. Fan Jinkui, chairman of the board of directors, the meeting made a comprehensive plan for the work in 2015, especially for the improvement of business network, higher-level application of it and the construction of corporate culture.
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  • "positive psychology" training held by KLM
    "Tao can be Tao but not Tao, name can be name and not name", the so-called happiness lies in everyone's subjective cognition and feelings A special "positive psychology" training was held in the KEYUN Hall of Westin Hotel on January 14-15. 80 middle and high-level and core backbones and customer representatives of KEYUN group participated in the training led by Dr. Chen Shaojian, Professor of Psychology Department of Tsinghua University, which also opened the curtain of publicity and promotion of KEYUN corporate culture in 2015.
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