• safety is more important than Mount Tai
    in order to further strengthen the company's safety construction, improve the safety awareness of all employees and master the basic knowledge of fire fighting, the company recently organized all employees to carry out safety themed training. First of all, remind all the staff to understand the links of trade safety in combination with their actual posts, ensure the safety of goods and processes, know the crisis management measures, and take the operating procedures as the guidance, so that they can be handy and safety can accompany their work every day. Of course, the most important thing is personnel safety and site safety. Tell everyone that they must pay great attention to it and enhance the emergency response of safety first Disposal capacity. This training had the honor to invite manager Sun, the person in charge of fire safety of the Property Office, as the keynote speaker, gave a detailed training explanation on how to deal with fire hazards and escape skills, introduced the use methods of fire-fighting equipment such as fire extinguishers, gas masks and fire blankets, and conducted a field demonstration. Towards the end of the training, manager Sun led his colleagues to conduct a fire drill. Through this training, employees were guided to strengthen learning, improve safety awareness and increase safety skills.
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  • the mid year meeting of "cost reduction and efficiency increase" of KLM in 2021 was successfully concluded
    there is only a starting point for cost reduction, but no end point for efficiency increase! In order to sort out the work results in the first half of 2021, summarize the experience and shortcomings obtained in the past, timely find and solve the problems existing in the work, provide ideas and methods for the smooth development of the work in the second half of 2021, and then promote the business volume. On July 10, the company successfully held the work summary meeting for the first half of 2021 and the work plan meeting for the second half of 2021. First of all, Mr. Huang Zigao, Xu Feng and sun Yanjie, sales managers of the transportation department, reported the business volume comparison in the first half of the year, the project situation, the business volume income of customs declaration and inspection and the work plan for the second half of the year. Mr. Xing Longyong, the manager of the transportation department, reported the business volume, vehicle efficiency, production and loading business volume, port collection, empty lifting, drop hanging business volume of the Department in the first half of the year, the current overall situation of the enterprise alliance, the data analysis of empty container storage fee and the work plan for the second half of the year. Mr. Li Dongguo and Ms. Xu Feitong, in charge of the box management department, reported the empty box business volume, station utilization rate, the overall situation of box repair, customer service and the work plan for the second half of the year. Ms. Liu Huiying, deputy manager of the box management department, first reported the business and income comparison of empty, heavy and repaired boxes in the same period, the business volume of each station, staffing, the completion of work in the first half of the year and the work plan in the second half of the year. Mr. Qiu Hailiang and Mr. Liu Zaixing in charge of the business department reported the packing business volume, import volume, insurance volume summary in the first half of the year, on-site personnel management and work plan in the second half of the year. Ms. Du Xiaoyan, sales manager of the business department, first reported the work summary and analysis of each business volume in the first half of the year, the work summary and objectives in the second half of the year, existing problems and solutions. Mr. Mao wanjian, manager of multimodal transport department, reported on the cooperation with China Railway Lianji, market research and customer visit, the current business development and the work plan for the second half of the year. Ms. Chu Tianshu, manager of the management department, reported the summary of the Department in the first half of the year: Human Resources: organization, personnel distribution (education, company age, age and gender), system and performance; administration: fixed expenses, administrative process, nailing process timeliness, procurement comparison in the same period and work plan for the second half of the year. Mr. Zhao Feng, manager of the finance department, reported the company's overall profit and loss analysis in the first half of the year, revenue in the same period, gross profit comparison, main cost analysis, mechanical equipment fuel, maintenance analysis, accounts receivable analysis and work plan for the second half of the year. Mr. Fan Youjiang, who is also the manager of the maintenance department of the safety department, summarized the existing problems and solutions of the equipment, daily work, inspection of each station of the company, employee safety training, emergency drill and maintenance work; deficiencies in the work and improvement and plan in the second half of the year. Ms. Yao Ruyan, deputy general manager and concurrently business manager of the company, described the problems existing in the site and customer service of the business department, put forward solutions (main aspects: process management, customer service, process, plan, etc.) and the work plan for the second half of the year, and quoted Qiao's words "heroism" and "my generation's style". (with mission in mind, challenge yourself and create the future together. ) After the report of each department manager, Ms. Chen Qiao, the general manager of the company, commented on each department and pointed out the highlights and deficiencies in the reporting work of each department. In terms of employees, they should increase their knowledge and learn from the management of other excellent companies in many aspects; in terms of resources, they should develop the linkage of various businesses. Message for the second half of the year: take every step in a down-to-earth manner.
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  • Inquiry of packing information of KLM logistics, bringing you transparent service
    Inquiry of packing information of KLM logistics, bringing you transparent service Are you still worried that the dynamic information cannot be queried in real time when the delegation is sent? Are you still struggling to get box number information from customer service? Keyun provides customers with convenient, transparent and open packing information query service. Just pay attention to the "Keyun logistics" official account, and all the yard packing dynamics can be self-service real-time query. Step 1: search for "Keyun logistics" official account on WeChat and click "follow" The second step: enter the official account and click "packing business" - "packing inquiry" Step 3: enter the company name and mobile phone number, upload the company's business license and the applicant's ID card photo, click "application binding", and wait for the audit results The fourth step: after passing the audit, the audit result notice is received on the official account page of "Keyun logistics" Step 5: click "packing business" - "packing query" again to input the complete bill of lading number to be queried KLM provides the following information query results for customers ① Entrustment information: name of vessel, voyage, bill of lading number, type and quantity of container, name of goods, weight of package ② Case information: case number, lead seal number, case weight, case appearance time, case photo ③ Cargo information: delivery vehicle information, delivery vehicle dispatch information, delivery vehicle in and out information, delivery vehicle unloading information Delegation information Box information Cargo information Packing photos
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  • guests and representatives of the second China (Dongjiang) shipping industry week, inspecting Tianjin port container terminal and Tianjin Keyun Logistics
    guests and representatives of the second China (Dongjiang) shipping industry week, inspecting Tianjin port container terminal and Tianjin Keyun Logistics On May 20, some guests and representatives attending the second China (Eastern Xinjiang) shipping industry week, including the main leaders of China Shipping weekly, Lianyungang Port holding group, Ningbo Joint Conference Office of sea rail intermodal transport development, logistics time weekly and other units, as well as from Tianjin Hangxing, feimabin, Tianjin Jinquan Logistics, Tianjin Qianhai, Ningbo Tianxu international logistics, Yiwu City Representatives of isea member enterprises, such as Yitong Europe logistics, Shenzhen Huayun international logistics and Zeus technology, visited Tianjin Port under the organization of Tianjin port of shipping logistics branch of China Transportation Association (isea), creating conditions for direct communication between port and shipping logistics enterprises. The first stop of the investigation is the North Xinjiang port area of Tianjin port. The delegation mainly visited the unmanned truck working area of Tianjin Port Container Terminal Co., Ltd. In the newly released "top 30 innovation cases of port and shipping logistics industry in 2021", the award-winning project of smart port driverless container truck application project of mainline technology was launched here. At the activity site, the guests and representatives were very concerned about whether the actual application scenario of the unmanned truck was really implemented, the extension and development direction of the promotion. Liu Jieqiang, Secretary of the Party group and general manager of Tianjin port container Co., Ltd., said on the site that with the integration of Tianjin port group's Wharf and yard business, as well as the implementation of the Beijing Tianjin Hebei integration and xiong'an new area development plan, smart With the blessing of science and technology, the Unmanned Container truck business will be gradually extended to Tianjin port, and gradually spread to xiong'an new area and Beijing Tianjin Hebei region, helping domestic and foreign trade enterprises and logistics enterprises in the above regions to reduce costs and increase efficiency. The unmanned truck working area of Tianjin Port Container Terminal Co., Ltd. is a real application scenario combining 5G technology with L4 automatic driving and artificial intelligence. Whether it's full-automatic container handling in the terminal yard, driverless truck transfer, until the final shipment, all unmanned operations are carried out on site, and all instructions are sent out by the central control room one kilometer away, and are independently completed by the artificial intelligence program. Traditional wharf loading and unloading can only be completed by workers' loading and unloading list and experience. Now, the central control computer calculates the operation route with the best efficiency and the shortest time. The efficiency of the terminal is 30% higher than before. Then, the delegation visited the container yard, North Xinjiang station and business office center of Keyun Group logistics under Tianjin Keyun group. The container yard of Keyun logistics adopts big data, intelligent bayonet and other technologies to connect with the data of the shipping company in real time, so as to provide customers with comprehensive, intelligent, efficient and convenient container management services. Du Xiaoyan, manager of the logistics business department of Keyun, also introduced the corporate culture, box, car and cargo services and multimodal transport business of Keyun Group to the members of the delegation. It is understood that at present, Keyun logistics has established 3 wharf yards and 25 inland ICD. Relying on the inland site, we can provide customers with portable box service. At the same time, the inland delivery can also reduce the transportation process, reduce the transportation cost of customers, and speed up the container turnover. Relying on the control of intelligent central control in the intelligent platform, Keyun logistics provides task matching services for customers. While the driver completes the task of carrying and returning the containers, it intelligently matches tasks such as port collection and import, which greatly increases the use efficiency of the trailer. At the end of the activity, Lin Yikun, Secretary General of isea Tianjin port, summed up the core concepts of this activity and isea: reducing the logistics cost of customers, increasing the efficiency of shipping and freight enterprises, intelligent technology, green environmental protection, and win-win cooperation.
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  • Anaya aranya | spring travel notes of port and shipping
    winter goes to spring, and the climate is getting warmer. In this season of grass growing and birds flying, in order to enrich the cultural life of employees, promote mutual communication and exchange, experience collective life and enhance the friendship and cohesion of employees, our company organized all employees to go to Anaya Hotel, Changli, Hebei Province for spring outing from April 16 to 18, 2021. Anaya B & B / arnaya homes Anaya B & B is a seaside home shared by the owners, which is suitable for the whole family. It covers villas, courtyards, foreign houses, apartments and other types of houses. Each room has its own style, which brings us a different travel experience Special food As the saying goes: "the smell of wine is not afraid of the depth of the alley" As the saying goes, "food is the most important thing for the people" Anaya is located on the gold coast of Beidaihe New Area. Of course, the essential food here is seafood! In the evening, everyone sat at the table eating seafood, drinking beer and chatting about trivial things of life. The atmosphere was very harmonious~ The lonely library is also known as the seaside public welfare Library of Sanlian bookstore. It has three floors and has a large French window to the sea, which can let everyone in it see the sea. ② Anaya auditorium, foreign name: Anaya community hall, is the first maritime Church in China. From the side, the church is like a piano with unique and poetic shape. Punch in / commemorate Facing the sea, flowers bloom in spring We visit the Anaya auditorium, we read in the lonely library, we walk on the beach, we shoot in the archery range, and we swing in the golf course. We enjoy ourselves here, leaving our footprints and laughter here. Although the trip is over, the landscape of Anaya and the friendship between colleagues will remain forever. This trip has narrowed the distance between employees, enhanced friendship, reflected the company's people-oriented business philosophy, so that employees can fully relax after intense work and fully enjoy the beauty of nature. Thanks to Mr. Liang's strong support for this event. I believe that under the leadership of Mr. Liang, the performance of Hong Kong and shipping will be booming!
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  • container classification
    1. Ordinary containers Ordinary containers, also known as dry containers, are mainly used to carry general merchandise, which are usually used to carry cultural goods, general merchandise, medicine, textiles, handicrafts, chemical products, hardware and electrical equipment, electronic machinery, instruments and machine parts, etc. This kind of container accounts for 70 ~ 80% of the total number of containers. In addition to frozen goods, live animals and plants, dry containers can be used for goods suitable for container transportation in terms of size and weight. 2. Frozen containers There are two types of reefer containers: external and internal. The temperature can be adjusted from - 60 ℃ to + 30 ℃. The built-in container can start the refrigerator at will during transportation to keep the container at the specified temperature, while the external container must rely on the refrigerator equipped on the container special vehicle, ship, special yard and station. This kind of box is suitable for transporting butter, chocolate, frozen fish, condensed milk, margarine and other items in summer. 3. Open top container Open top container, It is also called open top container. This kind of container has no top, but has a top made of canvas, plastic cloth or plastic coated cloth supported by folding top beam. It can be used to load and unload goods from the top of the container by crane. The top of open top container can be opened or there is no fixed surface. The top of open top container is covered with waterproof cloth when it is shipped, and its watertight requirement is the same as that of dry container. Suitable for loading glass plate, steel products, machinery and other heavy goods. 4. Frame container Flat rack container has no top and two sides. It is characterized by loading and unloading from the side of the container. It mainly carries overweight goods, and it is also convenient to load livestock, as well as bare goods such as steel, which can be exempted from outer packaging. It can also facilitate the hoisting of large, super wide and super high goods. 5. Livestock containers Pen container is a kind of box with metal mesh on the side, which is well ventilated and easy to feed. It is a special container specially made for transporting cattle, horses and other moving objects. 6. Tank container Tank container is also called liquid container. It is a special container for transporting food, medicine, chemicals and other liquid goods. The structure is that a liquid tank is fixed in a metal frame. The international standard tank is a kind of stainless steel pressure vessel which is installed in the fastening outer frame. The tank liner is mostly made of 316 stainless steel. Most tanks are equipped with steam or electric heating device, inert gas protection device, pressure reducing device and other optional equipment for fluid transportation and handling. 7. Platform container The shape of platform container is similar to railway flat car. It is a container with high bearing capacity and no upper structure. It is suitable for over weight and over length cargo, with length over 6 meters, width over 4 meters, height about 4.5 meters and weight up to 40 tons. And the two platform containers can be connected to load 80 metric tons of goods. It's very convenient to use this kind of box to load cars. 8. Ventilated container The wall of ventilated container is equipped with 4-6 ventilation holes, and the inner wall is coated with plastic layer, which is suitable for loading fresh vegetables, fruits and other goods that are not hot and stuffy. 9. Insulated container The insulated container has a heat insulation layer inside the container, and the air inlet and outlet at the top of the container can adjust the angle. The temperature inside the container can be adjusted by using the external air and wind direction. When it is closed tightly, it is not affected by the external air temperature for a certain period of time. Suitable for shipment of goods sensitive to temperature and humidity. 10. Bulk containers Bulk container is usually equipped with 2 ~ 3 small hatches at the top for loading. There is a lifting frame at the bottom, which can be raised to an angle of 40 ° for unloading. This kind of box is suitable for grain, cement and other bulk cargo. If you want to carry out plant quarantine, you can also fumigate in the box. 11. Bulk powder containers The free flowing bulk material container is basically the same as the bulk container, but the nozzle and straw are used in loading and unloading. 12. Hanging container The dress change container is suitable for the container of clothing goods. With the development of international trade, the commodity structure is constantly changing, and different types of special or multi-purpose containers will appear in the future. Dry containers commonly used in the world 1. The external dimension is 20 feet x 8 feet x 8 feet 6 inches, referred to as 20 feet container; 2. 40 foot x 8 foot x 8 foot 6 inch, referred to as 40 foot container; 3. 40 feet x 8 feet x 9 feet 6 inches, referred to as 40 feet high cabinet (more used in recent years). 20 foot container: the content volume is 5.94 m x 2.34 m x 2.39 m, the maximum gross weight is 28.25 tons, and the volume is 33 cubic meters 40 foot container: the content volume is 12.06 m x 2.34 m x 2.39 m, the maximum gross weight is 28.8 tons, and the volume is 67 cubic meters 40 foot high cabinet: the content volume is 12.06 m x 2.34 m x 2.69 M. the maximum gross weight is 30.2 tons and the volume is 76 cubic meters 45 foot high cabinet: content volume: 13.5 m x 2.34 m x 2.71 m, maximum gross weight of 27.7 tons, volume: 85 cubic meters 20 foot open top cabinet: the content volume is 5.89 m x 2.32 m x 2.31 m, the gross weight of distribution is 20 tons, and the volume is 31.5 cubic meters 40 foot open top cabinet: the content volume is 12.01m x 2.33m x 2.15m, the gross weight of distribution is 30.4t, and the volume is 65m3 20 foot flat bottom container: 5.85 m x 2.23 m x 2.15 m in content, 23 tons in gross weight and 28 cubic meters in volume; 40 foot flat bottom container: 12.05 m x 2.12 m x 1.96 m in content, 36 tons in gross weight and 50 cubic meters in volume.
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  • Suez Canal Authority claims $1 billion! The "Chang Ci" steamer East puts forward general average and must submit guarantee and documents before delivery
    the consignor and forwarder should pay special attention to that the goods will not be delivered to the consignee unless the consignor provides the general average adjuster with the general average guarantee and relevant documents. According to Lloyd's daily, the Suez Canal Authority (SCA) will claim about $1 billion in compensation for the blockage of the Suez Canal by the "long grant" ship. Osama rabie, chairman of the Suez Canal Authority, said in a television interview that the fee involved toll losses, damage to the canal caused by dredging and salvage work, as well as equipment and labor costs. Shoei Kisen Kaisha, the owner of the vessel, has confirmed that it will discuss the issue of compensation with SCA. It is understood that the insurance company of "long grant" is UK club, which is a member of P & I Club. According to public information, P & I Club is composed of 13 member associations. It provides liability insurance for about 90% of ocean going ships in the world, and will jointly share claims of more than US $10 million. Regarding the claim, a Senior P & I Club source said: "SCA is known for making exaggerated salvage claims, even for small jobs. The exact amount will depend on the relevant regulations and transportation terms." The source said the annual revenue of the Suez Canal is about $5.7 billion, about $110 million a week, and the rescue cost is about tens of millions of dollars. "Do you really think they're going to lose a billion dollars in six days?" At the same time, Japan's Zhengrong steamship also proposed general average, and Richard Hogg Lindley was appointed as the adjuster. Dear customer, on March 23, 2021, our chartered ship ever gift (hereinafter referred to as "the ship") was on the way from Malaysia to Rotterdam when it ran aground in Egypt's Suez Canal. After six days of towing and rescue operation, the ship was resurfaced on March 29. The above-mentioned towing operation is a general average act. Therefore, the ship East declared general average on April 1 and appointed general average adjuster Richards Hogg Lindley to collect relevant general average guarantee. Please refer to the general average declaration, standard instruction and average guarantee issued by the owner and Richards Hogg Lindley. According to Clause 27 of our bill of lading, the goods shall not be delivered to the consignee unless the shipper submits the necessary general average guarantee (including such additional guarantee as we may require) and relevant documents to the general average adjuster who agrees to release the goods. In order to enable you to receive the goods smoothly and avoid delay in delivery, please contact the general average adjuster as soon as possible and provide the necessary guarantee and documents in accordance with the instructions below. The insured goods (a) a letter of average guarantee signed by the cargo insurer and a copy of the cargo invoice should be provided. Please send the documents to the following e-mail box according to your region. Please make sure to note the name of the vessel, your B / L number and container number in the email. Europe / UK, email:eg-casualty@rhl-ct.com , Tel. + 44 151 433 3320 other regions, email: Singapore.GA @rhl- ct.com , Tel. + 65 6506 2897 / 8 (b) the shipowner chooses not to ask for the letter of average bond from the shipper, but the general average adjuster reserves the right to ask for the letter from the shipper at any time. Uninsured goods (a) the average bond signed by the owner And provide a copy of the invoice, which can be directly uploaded to the following link: https://eu.docusign.net/Member/PowerFormSigning.aspx?PowerFormId=86f508b6-b5f4-46fc-8fbf-e9ae19d5a58f&env=eu&acct=c8fe1757-d24b-4004-a382-f736dd5cf208&v=2&CasualtyId=7&CasualtyName=EVER+GIVEN+Grounding+in+Suez+Canal+on+23-Mar-2021 (b) The consignor shall pay cash guarantee, and the amount of cash guarantee The degree has not yet been determined. Please refer to the attachment standard instruction and Richards Hogg Lindley website for details of cash guarantee amount and bank account arrangement. For more information or download the guarantee form separately, please go to the website of the general average adjuster below. Please select the name of the vessel Gift, password ge2123 https://rhlclientarea.ctplc.com * precautions for consolidation * in order to quickly identify the details of individual cargo in the container, the forwarder / cargo Contractor shall provide the general average adjuster with complete manifest information of consolidation cargo as soon as possible, including bill of lading number, description of cargo content, cargo weight, shipper and consignee. In order to avoid unnecessary delay in receiving the goods, please deal with it as soon as possible to meet the requirements of general average. I would like to remind you again that unless the cargo provides the general average adjuster with the above general average guarantee and related documents, the goods will not be delivered to the consignee. If you have any other questions, you can contact Richard Hogg Lindley directly through the email address in standard instructions. We reserve the right to claim in accordance with the terms of the bill of lading. Thank you for your cooperation! According to sun Mingqi, member of the expert committee of China Maritime Arbitration Commission, it is a common shipwreck that the ship is stranded during the voyage. In the event of a shipwreck, the shipowner or master has the right to arrange emergency rescue on behalf of the shipowner, so that the ship and cargo can be out of danger in time and the ship can continue its voyage. When the ship entrusts the salvor to carry out the salvage, it should immediately announce the general average, and entrust an internationally qualified general average adjustment company as soon as possible to assist in collecting all the evidence necessary for handling the accident, so as to facilitate the future general average adjustment. The salvage expenses incurred shall be included in the loss of general average, which shall be apportioned between the ship and the cargo according to their respective proportions of the value of the property rescued. As for the salvage expenses shared by all parties of the cargo, they need to claim compensation from their respective insurance companies in accordance with the terms of the insurance policy. The expenses usually classified as general average include: repair expenses of hull and machinery damage (including temporary repair expenses), direct loss of cargo on board (including expenses of moving cargo), expenses of ship's own or towing to the port of refuge (including fuel, fresh water, port expenses and towing expenses), expenses related to ship and cargo inspection, and expenses for adjustment of total loss Relevant expenses. Disclaimer The information in this report is from public information. Tianjin KEYUN Logistics Group Limited by Share Ltd does not guarantee the accuracy and completeness of these information. The information, conclusions and opinions contained in the report are for reference only. Any investment decision made by investors based on this is irrelevant to the company.
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  • we are a cross-border e-commerce logistics service provider
    on March 12, 2021, Zeng Tao, President of Tianjin cross-border E-Commerce Association, and his team awarded the honorary plaque to the vice president unit of KEYUN Logistics Group Limited by Share Ltd, marking that KEYUN Logistics Group officially joined the family of Tianjin cross-border E-Commerce Association. Prior to the medal ceremony, President Zeng Tao had in-depth communication with President Liang and vice president Cui, CEO of KEYUN Logistics Group. Both sides had in-depth communication and Discussion on business introduction, development strategy planning, future activity planning of the association and cooperation points of both sides of KEYUN Logistics Group. In the future, with the full cooperation of the two sides, KEYUN Group will rely on its rich experience in the logistics industry to help enterprises keep pace with the country's efforts to develop cross-border e-commerce, and provide high-quality services for enterprises to pass customs quickly and transport quickly.
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  • COSCO Shipping launched the 2021 global customer service improvement action, focusing on these four aspects
    the promotion action will focus on the four aspects of "stable and reliable service", "timely and accurate information", "visual and convenient service" and "rapid response to demand" concerned by customers. At present, the epidemic situation of new crown pneumonia has an impact on the global industrial chain and supply chain cycle, leading to severe challenges to the stability of global logistics supply chain. COSCO Shipping said that container transportation is an important part of the global logistics supply chain, and it is also one of the core business sectors of COSCO Shipping. In the current systematic difficulties of the supply chain, it also faces the biggest challenge. In order to better guarantee the smooth flow of international trade, build a new development pattern of service, and make every effort to solve the logistics blocking points, pain points and difficulties faced by global customers including Chinese foreign trade enterprises, COSCO Shipping announced that it will launch the global customer service improvement action in 2021. It is understood that in 2021, COSCO will focus on four aspects of "stable and reliable service", "timely and accurate information", "visual and convenient service" and "rapid response to demand" concerned by customers, relying on the upgraded global information system and using digital service means to strive to present excellent service quality for global customers. The specific measures are as follows: first, abide by the spirit of the contract, innovate the service mode, and provide stable and reliable whole journey transportation service. For long-term cooperative customers, we will respect the contract and implement the cabin guarantee; at the same time, we will use the sync hub foreign trade e-commerce platform to realize self-service price inquiry and online confirmation booking, so as to meet the cabin demand of small and medium-sized customers to the maximum extent. While improving the standardized services, COSCO Shipping will further differentiate industries and customize the end-to-end service process, so as to better meet customers' demand for supply chain services. 2、 In order to further improve the service standards and achieve more timely and accurate service information, COSCO Shipping will determine the document accuracy target on the basis of the original nine service standards, and further extend the global service standards from sea transportation to both ends. 3、 Make full use of digital means to improve the convenience and visibility of services COSCO's shipping consolidation plate uses the blockchain platform to promote paperless import delivery service. In 2021, the prescription of blockchain will be further upgraded, the circulation of blockchain bills of lading will be realized, and the paperless shipping industry will continue to be promoted. 4、 Through the construction of Omni channel customer service platform to improve service response speed, COSCO Shipping will be committed to building a unified intelligent customer service platform, monitoring Omni channel service in real time, and continuously improving global service response speed. The information in this report is from public information. Tianjin KEYUN Logistics Group Limited by Share Ltd does not guarantee the accuracy and completeness of these information. The information, conclusions and opinions contained in the report are for reference only. Any investment decision made by investors based on this is irrelevant to the company.
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  • here comes the shipping version of the government work report! Cancel port construction fee!
    at 9 am today (March 5), the opening session of the fourth session of the 13th National People's Congress was held in the Great Hall of the people. Premier Li Keqiang, on behalf of the State Council, delivered a report on the work of the government to the fourth session of the 13th National People's Congress. According to the government work report, in the past year, in the face of a rare impact in history, on the basis of the "six stabilities" work, China clearly put forward the task of "six guarantees", implemented phased large-scale tax reduction and fee reduction, and combined with institutional arrangements. In 2020, China will reduce the burden of market players by more than 2.6 trillion yuan, including 1.7 trillion yuan of social security fee reduction. After hard work, China took the lead in resuming work and production, and the economic recovery was better than expected. In 2020, GDP will grow by 2.3%. The joint construction of the "the Belt and Road Initiative" has steadily progressed. Hainan free trade port construction and other major initiatives have been launched one after another. We will promote the signing of regional comprehensive economic partnership agreements. China EU investment agreement negotiations will be completed. Maintain the stability of industrial chain and supply chain, and maintain the growth of foreign trade and utilization of foreign capital. In addition, in 2020, we will vigorously promote scientific and technological innovation and accelerate the pace of industrial transformation and upgrading. Promote the digital and intelligent transformation of the industry, and maintain the rapid development momentum of strategic emerging industries. The government work report also introduces the development achievements during the 13th Five Year Plan period. In the past five years, the GDP has increased from less than 70 trillion yuan to more than 100 trillion yuan. Major breakthroughs have been made in comprehensively deepening reform, supply side structural reform has continued to advance, and the business environment has continued to improve. The opening up to the outside world has continued to expand, and the joint construction of the "the Belt and Road Initiative" has achieved fruitful results. The "fourteenth five year plan" period is the first five years to start a new journey of building a socialist modern country in an all-round way. Li Keqiang said that it is necessary to accurately grasp the new development stage, thoroughly implement the new development concept, speed up the construction of a new development pattern, promote high-quality development, and make a good start for building a socialist modern country in an all-round way. This year is of special importance in China's modernization drive. What are China's major goals and tasks? What aspects should port and shipping personnel focus on? China Aviation weekly specially summarizes the following key words. Economic Development: GDP growth of more than 6%. The import and export volume rose steadily and the balance of international payments was basically balanced. The expected target of economic growth is set at more than 6%, taking into account the recovery of economic operation, which is conducive to guiding all parties to focus on promoting reform and innovation and promoting high-quality development. We should better coordinate epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development. Import and export trade: strengthen credit support for small and medium-sized foreign trade enterprises, expand the coverage of export credit insurance, optimize the conditions for underwriting and claims settlement, and deepen the pilot project of trade and foreign exchange revenue and expenditure facilitation. Stabilize processing trade, develop cross-border e-commerce and other new formats and models, and support enterprises to explore diversified markets. Innovate and develop service trade. We will optimize and adjust import tax policies and increase imports of high-quality products and services. We will do a good job in major exhibitions such as China International Trade Fair, China Canton Fair and China International Trade Fair. Promote the smooth flow of international logistics, clean up and standardize port charges, and constantly improve the level of customs clearance facilitation. Utilization of foreign capital: actively and effectively utilize foreign capital. Further reduce the negative list of foreign investment access. We will promote the orderly opening up of the service industry, set up comprehensive pilot projects to expand the opening up of the service industry, and formulate a negative list of cross-border service trade. We should promote the construction of Hainan free trade port, strengthen the reform, opening up and innovation of the pilot Free Trade Zone, promote the integrated development of the special customs supervision area and the pilot Free Trade Zone, and give full play to the role of opening platform of various development zones. Regional Economic Cooperation: deepen multilateral, bilateral and regional economic cooperation. Firmly safeguard the multilateral trading system. Promote the early entry into force and implementation of the regional comprehensive economic partnership agreement and the signing of the China EU investment agreement, accelerate the negotiation process of the China Japan ROK free trade agreement, and actively consider joining the comprehensive and progressive trans Pacific Partnership Agreement. On the basis of mutual respect, we will promote the development of Sino US economic and trade relations based on equality and mutual benefit. Expand domestic demand: adhere to the strategic basis of expanding domestic demand and fully tap the potential of the domestic market. Closely around improving people's livelihood, expand demand, promote the effective combination of consumption and investment, and achieve a higher level of dynamic balance between supply and demand. Fiscal and tax policies: continue to implement the institutional tax reduction policy, extend the implementation period of some phased policies such as value-added tax preference for small-scale taxpayers, implement new structural tax reduction measures, and hedge the impact of some policy adjustments. Increase the threshold of VAT for small-scale taxpayers from 100000 yuan to 150000 yuan. For small and micro enterprises and individual businesses, the annual taxable income of less than 1 million yuan will be reduced by half on the basis of the current preferential policies. Cost reduction: promote the reduction of production and operation costs of enterprises by means of reform. We will promote the reform of energy, transportation, telecommunications and other basic industries, improve service efficiency, and reduce fees. We will comprehensively promote differentiated toll collection on expressways, and resolutely rectify the height and width limitation facilities and check points that hinder the passage of freight cars. Cancel port construction fee. Enterprise innovation: strengthen the dominant position of enterprise innovation, encourage leading enterprises to form innovation consortia, and expand the integration channel of industry, University, research and application. We will continue to implement the policy of 75% deduction for enterprise R & D expenses, increase the proportion of deduction for manufacturing enterprises to 100%, encourage enterprises to increase R & D investment with preferential tax mechanism, and strive to promote enterprises to lead development with innovation. Optimize the supply chain: continue to complete the important task of "three removal, one reduction and one compensation". For advanced manufacturing enterprises, the incremental VAT allowance will be refunded in full on a monthly basis, the proportion of manufacturing loans will be increased, and investment in equipment renewal and technological transformation will be expanded. Enhance the independent and controllable ability of industrial chain supply chain. We will strengthen the construction of 5g network and gigabit optical network, and enrich the application scenarios. We will coordinate the layout of emerging industries. Strengthen the quality infrastructure construction, deeply implement the quality improvement action, and promote the effective convergence of upstream and downstream standards in the industrial chain. Attachment: one picture to understand the government work report The information in this report is from public information. Tianjin KEYUN Logistics Group Limited by Share Ltd does not guarantee the accuracy and completeness of these information. The information, conclusions and opinions contained in the report are for reference only. Any investment decision made by investors based on this is irrelevant to the company.
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  • cross border e-commerce trend report: five major trends evolution, Chinese sellers from "barbaric growth" to "intensive cultivation"
    evolution of five major trends: from "barbaric growth" to "intensive cultivation" Cindy Tai, global vice president of Amazon and Asia Pacific head of Amazon's global stores, said: "in the past five years, China's seller community has been growing and has become one of the important forces to provide high-quality products to global consumers. China's export cross-border e-commerce industry and sellers have experienced an evolution from "barbaric growth" to "intensive cultivation". Export cross-border e-commerce is becoming an important support force for China's foreign trade, and is changing from a "new format" to a "new normal" The report shows that in the past five years, global cross-border e-commerce has developed rapidly. The epidemic situation has prompted the global consumption trend to shift from offline to online, and the development opportunities and challenges of cross-border e-commerce industry coexist. Based on the relevant data of Amazon and the survey of Chinese sellers, the report summarizes and shares five significant trends of Chinese sellers in the past five years. Trend one: more diversified seller regions and types. The seller's geographical distribution is increasingly extensive, extending from the Pearl River Delta and the Yangtze River Delta to the inland, and the seller's scale in the West Coast Economic Zone, central and northern regions is growing rapidly. Among them, the Yangtze River Delta, as China's traditional manufacturing industry gathering place, has the fastest growth rate of sellers in the past five years, with the scale of sellers increasing by 9 times; the Pearl River Delta has the scale of sellers increasing by 6 times, with concentrated industries, rich human resources and mature foreign trade foundation, giving birth to the largest group of sellers in the country at present; the sellers in the Haixi Economic Zone, represented by Fujian Province, are increasingly active, and the number of sellers is increasing The scale has increased five times, and it has obvious advantages in the competition of clothing, shoes, bags, furniture, outdoor lighting and other categories. At the same time, the types of sellers are more diversified. In the past five years, many well-known Internet native brands have emerged, such as Enquirer, Anke, and so on. Traditional manufacturing enterprises, traditional foreign trade merchants, and traditional well-known brands have also continuously joined the export cross-border e-commerce industry to explore new business growth opportunities, such as corworth. Trend 2: accelerating global distribution. The pace of international development of sellers is accelerating, and they are constantly seeking diversified business opportunities. According to the survey on Chinese sellers of Amazon global stores, nearly 60% of the sellers have operated more than two Amazon overseas sites at the same time, and 82% of the sellers plan to expand new sites on the existing basis. In the process of accelerating the global layout, sellers not only consider mature sites such as the United States and Europe, but also actively layout emerging sites such as the Middle East, Australia and Singapore. Trend 3: brand awareness is enhanced. With the export cross-border e-commerce industry gradually turning to "intensive cultivation", sellers pay more attention to the long-term development of business, and continue to invest in product development, brand registration and construction, brand protection, etc. In terms of product development, with the help of the first-hand feedback from Amazon's overseas site consumers, sellers can effectively improve product design, improve product quality, and guide new product R & D. many products popular with European and American consumers emerge, such as the popular down jacket of orolay. Trend 4: speed up product innovation. With the global consumer demand becoming more diversified and refined, Chinese sellers are constantly enriching the selection of products, and gradually shifting from standardized products to higher value, more yuan and more personalized products. Among them, sales of kitchen, household, clothing and other categories increased significantly. Trend 5: response capacity upgrading. In the past five years, the seller's ability to respond quickly to changes in the overseas environment and consumer demand has been continuously upgraded. It has been able to quickly identify the trend of global consumption and flexibly adjust the selection strategy, giving full play to the advantages of flexible supply chain. During the epidemic period, Chinese sellers timely provided global consumers with high-quality epidemic prevention materials and daily necessities. Disclaimer The information in this report is from public information. Tianjin KEYUN Logistics Group Limited by Share Ltd does not guarantee the accuracy and completeness of these information. The information, conclusions and opinions contained in the report are for reference only. Any investment decision made by investors based on this is irrelevant to the company.
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  • the two major ports in Europe are officially merged! The Spring Festival aggravates the shipping bottleneck between China and Europe! Europe anxiously waiting for "made in China"!
    it took 3 years for the two major ports in Europe to merge! At the same time as China celebrated the Chinese new year, on February 16, Antwerp and zebruhe, the two major European ports, announced the formal merger and renamed port of Antwerp Bruges. It is estimated that the integration process will take one year. According to the official information from the port of Antwerp, "the combined port of Antwerp Bruges will become the largest container terminal in Europe (by weight tons) and the 13th largest container port in the world (by TEU). At the same time, the new "Antwerp Bruges" port will be the largest automobile import and export terminal in Europe and one of the largest bulk cargo ports in the world. " The combined port will account for more than 15% of Europe's LNG transportation and will continue to be the most important chemical center in Europe. Antwerp Port said in a statement that the goal of the merger is to become the first port in the world to achieve harmonious development of economy, population and climate. 02 sea freight soared, affecting global exports. Due to tight shipping space, the cost of shipping from China to Europe has increased fourfold. Affected by this, the European household goods, toys and other industries retailers are tight inventory. According to freightos' survey of 900 small and medium-sized companies, 77% of them are facing tight supply. IHS Markit's survey shows that the delivery time of suppliers continues to extend, the highest since 1997. The supply shortage not only affects the retail end, but also has an impact on the manufacturing enterprises in the euro area. 03 The Spring Festival aggravates the bottleneck of shipping between China and Europe. According to an article published by Swedish "glance" on February 14, local time, due to the warm welcome of Chinese products by European people during the epidemic period, the shipping costs between China and Europe continue to increase. Not only that, but even the containers are almost exhausted. With the arrival of the Spring Festival, many ports in China are closed, and many goods are sold out The shipping companies have no containers available. It is understood that it takes at least 15000 francs to obtain a container, which is 10 times more expensive than the previous price. Due to the frequent shipping between China and Europe, many European shipping companies have also made huge profits, but now the Chinese Spring Festival has exacerbated the bottleneck of shipping between China and Europe. 04 Europe anxiously waiting for "made in China" According to the foreign trade data, the export volume of Chinese products last year was the largest in the world, which fully shows that the world's demand for "made in China" is rising with the epidemic situation. Furniture, toys and bicycles have become popular products. Due to the arrival of Chinese Spring Festival, many industries in Europe are in a certain confusion. China replaced the United States as the EU's largest trading partner last year. This means that trade between China and the EU will be closer in the future. It is precisely based on this reality that China and the EU signed the China EU investment agreement at the end of last year. In the future, both the EU and China will have more chips in trade negotiations with the United States. At present, the new crown pneumonia epidemic continues to spread around the world, and the epidemic situation in Europe is still very serious. Therefore, it will be difficult for Europe to resume normal industrial production in a short time, which makes the European people more urgent need "made in China". During the Spring Festival, they are also anxiously waiting for "made in China", so do you think the European ocean freight will continue to rise? Disclaimer The information in this report is from public information. Tianjin KEYUN Logistics Group Limited by Share Ltd does not guarantee the accuracy and completeness of these information. The information, conclusions and opinions contained in the report are for reference only. Any investment decision made by investors based on this is irrelevant to the company.
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