• do you know about the free rent and free stacking of containers?
    meaning of free container rental and free container stacking When the quantity of containers is large or the destination is far away from the unloading port, customers usually request to apply for a long enough container free and stacking free period when booking. I only know that it's easier to free cabinet, but it's more difficult to free stack. What's the difference? Let's share it with you. Demurrage: refers to the container overdue usage fee under the control of the carrier or its agent, which usually refers to the container overdue usage fee at the destination terminal or yard before the consignee's customs clearance and delivery. Settlement: refers to the container overdue usage fee under the charge of the consignee, that is, the container is put out of the yard or dock after the consignee's customs clearance but not in the yard Free demurrage & free demurrage refers to demurrage. The difference between the two is: free demurrage: it is calculated from the time when the container is unloaded to the wharf until the container is put forward to the wharf; free demurrage: it is calculated from the time when the container is put forward to the wharf until the empty container is returned to the wharf; there is also a free demurrage Storage: This is the terminal storage fee, which starts from the time when the container is unloaded to the terminal and ends at the time when the container is picked up. Among them, free demurrage & detention is charged by shipping companies because it is demurrage charge, which normally lasts about 7 days. Some ports can apply for 10-14 days for transit or other reasons, and 21 days for longer ones. Free storage is the storage charge charged by terminals, which usually lasts 5-7 days, which is difficult to apply. After analyzing and summarizing the research network of the differences between free time, free demurrage and free destination, the more accurate references are selected as follows: 1. The rent free period of containers in the terminal after arrival of goods: free demurrage; 2. The rent free period of containers towed out of the terminal after arrival of goods: free termination; 3. The free storage period of containers pushed into the terminal: free storage. Two of them are decided by the shipping company, so they can apply to the shipping company. In general, the applied and approved free time = free debt + free debt. Under normal circumstances, the Free time at the port of destination is 7 days, and the application will be approved by the general shipping company in 14 days. It is a little difficult to apply for 21 days, unless there are too many cabinets for stable customers or shipping companies in In Port. Many people don't understand the difference between demurrage and termination. Storage is the container storage fee charged by the terminal to the shipping company. The time of free storage depends on the terminal, not the shipping company. Demurrage and DetentionThe demurrage period is calculated form thedate of discharge of full container up until the date the full container is clearedout of port, after deducting the standard free time.The Detention period is calculated from the date the full container is cleared out of port up until the date the container is returned empty by the signal to the carriers stack in port, The relevant term is "free time". The period of demurrage starts from the date when the goods arrive at the destination. The period of demurrage starts from the date when the consignee picks up the heavy container. If the period of demurrage exceeds the corresponding period, the consignee shall deliver the goods to demurrage according to the regulations of the shipping company, It should be delivered according to the regulations of the shipping company Detention.Demurrage Whether the free 7 days is enough or not depends on the speed of import customs clearance procedures, and whether the duration free 7 days is enough or not. It mainly focuses on the speed of empty boxes. It is not a choice between the two. We should strive for it at the same time! Free admission and free demurrage refers to the on-site and off-site cabinets. Container is owned by shipping company, so it can be applied for. Both terms are related to container rent, but have nothing to do with cabin rent. They are all fees charged by carrier. The difference is: in general, customers in Indian ports require more freedom because they need more container period to transport containers to inland points. This does not mean that it is impossible to apply for "free" in India How to express demurrage in English? If the container is overstayed at the terminal or yard of the destination port, How to apply? --- storage application "free storage" or "free time" = "free storage" + "free demurrage", but the general shipping company will not give it, because "storage" is to be paid to the wharf, if it is not, the shipping company will have to pay for it.
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  • application and innovation of artificial intelligence in the field of warehousing and logistics
    the concept of artificial intelligence and its potential benefits are no longer unfamiliar to many people, and with the growing strength of artificial intelligence, more and more enterprises begin to explore its benefits. Supply chain management, logistics and other industries continue to occupy a central position in the AI competition, which also makes the AI technology reach a new application level every year. According to the forecast of infoholic research, the compound annual growth rate of AI in logistics and supply chain market is 42.9% from 2017 to 2023, and it will reach US $6.5 billion by 2023. Recently, the data root laboratory, a Ukrainian data research company, published an article on the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on the logistics industry, describing the current challenges faced by the logistics industry, as well as the innovation and application of start-ups and major participants in the development of this technology. Artificial intelligence plays a key role in the field of logistics In today's era of online shopping, delivery speed is particularly important. At the same time, the price of products has gradually become transparent. Consumers expect to get high-quality service with low cost, and enterprises also hope to get the most output with the least cost, which brings huge pressure on the profit margin of enterprises, thus promoting enterprises to the road of automation. At present, without the application of new technologies to deal with complex processes and manage a large amount of data, enterprises will not be able to keep pace with the times and it will be difficult to make sustained profits. This is also the reason why artificial intelligence brings high value and high return to users. Industry trend artificial intelligence in automation field The innovation of artificial intelligence in the field of logistics contributes to the automation of existing processes, which makes the transformation of automation an important issue for logistics directors. Automation is the first step to achieve large-scale optimization, so many companies have started the transformation of logistics automation to maintain competitiveness, because it can not only optimize existing processes, but also improve efficiency and productivity. Emerging logistics AI startups The data root lab lists 100 start-ups that have introduced AI into the global logistics industry, including Shenzhen based Hairou innovations. Established in 2016, Hairou innovation is committed to providing efficient, intelligent, flexible and customized warehouse automation solutions through robot technology and artificial intelligence algorithm, and has completed more than 70 projects worldwide. The company focuses on the R & D, design and scheme planning of container storage robot (ACR) system. Its haipack robot system has been applied in 3PL, footwear, e-commerce, electronics, power, manufacturing, medicine and other industries. The increasing demand for artificial intelligence in the field of logistics has promoted the rapid development of logistics AI start-ups such as Hai Rou innovation. The new crown epidemic has brought great pressure to the logistics industry, and also created unprecedented opportunities. For example, as more and more consumers turn from offline to online, the e-commerce industry gradually rises; the emergence of UAVs, autonomous vehicles and robots gradually replace the human work industry, minimizing the risk of labor shortage and helping to maintain social distance …… The application of artificial intelligence technology in the field of logistics is an irreversible trend. Enterprises need to understand and apply new technologies in time, keep pace with the times and maintain competitiveness.
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  • General Administration of Customs: in 2020, China's cross-border e-commerce imports and exports will reach 1.69 trillion yuan, an increase of 31.1%
    in 2020, China's annual GDP will exceed 100 trillion yuan for the first time, an increase of 2.3% over the previous year in terms of comparable prices. A series of national economic operation data released by the National Bureau of statistics on January 18 has become an outstanding report card among the world's major economies. According to the preliminary calculation, the GDP of 2020 will be 101598.6 billion yuan, an increase of 2.3% over the previous year at comparable prices. From a quarterly perspective, the first quarter saw a year-on-year decrease of 6.8%, a growth of 3.2% in the second quarter, a growth of 4.9% in the third quarter, and a growth of 6.5% in the fourth quarter. By industry, the added value of the primary industry was 7775.4 billion yuan, an increase of 3.0% over the previous year; the added value of the secondary industry was 38425.5 billion yuan, an increase of 2.6%; the added value of the tertiary industry was 55397.7 billion yuan, an increase of 2.1%. According to the preliminary statistics of the customs, in 2020, China's cross-border e-commerce imports and exports will reach 1.69 trillion yuan, an increase of 31.1%. Among them, export was 1.12 trillion yuan, up 40.1%; import was 0.57 trillion yuan, up 16.5%. Through the customs cross-border e-commerce management platform, 2.45 billion import and export bills were checked and released, up 63.3% year on year. According to Li Kuiwen, spokesman of the General Administration of customs and director of the Department of statistics and analysis, in 2020, the General Administration of Customs innovated to carry out cross-border e-commerce enterprise to enterprise (B2B) export pilot projects, added "9710" and "9810" trade modes, and has carried out pilot projects in 22 customs directly under the General Administration of customs, including Beijing, to promote the innovative achievements of cross-border e-commerce supervision from B2C to B2B, with supporting customs facilitation measures. Li Kuiwen said that due to the impact of the epidemic, a large area of international flights will be suspended and reduced in 2020, and the traditional transport capacity will be drastically reduced. The General Administration of Customs has timely issued ten measures to support the development of China EU trains, and supported the use of China EU train capacity to carry out cross-border e-commerce, mail and other transport services. During the epidemic period, the customs supported the postal departments to open temporary entry-exit postal routes, with a total of 15 temporary exit ports and 13 temporary entry ports, and actively distributed inbound and outbound mail and cross-border e-commerce goods. In 2020, the growth of cross-border e-commerce will be rapid, with 2.45 billion import and export bills checked and released through the customs cross-border e-commerce management platform, a year-on-year increase of 63.3%. During the "double 11" period in 2020, a total of 52.27 million pieces of import and export lists were processed through the customs cross-border e-commerce import and export unified edition system, an increase of 25.5% over the previous year; the peak value of processing list reached 3407 pieces / second, an increase of 113.2%, and all indicators reached a new high.
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  • Science and technology drive the progress of society, and talents promote the growth of science and technology
    Science and technology drive the progress of society, and talents promote the growth of science and technology
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  • flying straight in the clouds
    KEYUN won the China International freight forwarding cloud sail Award On November 2-3, 2020, the 9th Annual Conference of China International freight forwarding and the 4th International Freight Trade Fair, sponsored by China Federation of logistics and purchasing and China international shipping network, was held in Dalian. Tianjin KEYUN Logistics Group Limited by Share Ltd, as an industry enterprise, attended the exhibition. Cui Huan, general manager of Tianjin Gangji Shipping Agency Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the group, and other relevant personnel attended the grand meeting, and gathered in Dalian with logistics colleagues from all over the country, financial, science and technology and other relevant leaders to focus on hot topics of international trade supply chain. This conference is a rally against the trend of the epidemic crisis. It is a gathering of freight forwarders to get warm and exchange needed goods. It is a meeting to overcome the epidemic, find business opportunities and make breakthroughs in the industry. The theme of the conference is: breakthrough and discovery. Undoubtedly, this conference has made a good start for the international freight transport industry, international trade industry and international supply chain. It will enhance confidence and build a bridge! International freight trade exhibition site China International freight forwarding Conference On the evening of November 2, "2010-2020 China International Conference on behalf of the 10th anniversary celebration party" was held in Dalian International Conference Center "global village"! In order to thank freight forwarders and improve their quality, China Federation of logistics and procurement and China international shipping network jointly held the first "Yunfan Award" for Chinese freight forwarders to present the era style and historical responsibility of Chinese freight forwarders by commending leading enterprises, outstanding figures and innovative platforms of Chinese freight forwarders from 2010 to 2020! On that day, our company won many awards Chairman fan Jinkui won Yunfan Award Tianjin KEYUN Logistics Group Co., Ltd. won the cloud sail award of China freight forwarding integrated logistics Tianjin Gangji Shipping Agency Co., Ltd. won the WIFFFA mainstay award of Tianjin port President Cui went on stage to receive the award and took a group photo On November 3, the 3-day 2020 9th China International freight forwarding annual conference and the 4th International Freight exhibition were successfully concluded in Dalian International Conference Center. Three days of exhibition, we harvest full! Thank you again for your communication and guidance. We will continue to provide efficient, high-quality and reliable logistics services for the market and customers, continue to maintain a good performance growth trend, and strive to become the best and most outstanding enterprise representative in the international freight forwarding industry once again.
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  • financial special training meeting of 2020 half year meeting of KEYUN Group
    on the afternoon of July 19, 2020, the financial managers of the group's subsidiary companies gathered in the small conference room of Jizhou Fangu Mijing park to hold a training meeting on financial management data analysis model and investment analysis model. With the vigorous development of digital economy, unprecedented changes have taken place in the business model. Customer orientation, employee initiative, global resources, data-driven, intelligent operation and enterprise digitalization are all in full swing. Financial transformation has entered a new stage of digital intelligence. Industry finance integration, real-time accounting, data intelligent sharing and enabling operation have become the inevitable trend of financial management development, and the improvement of data quotient and intelligent reporting efficiency has been achieved Changing the positioning has become a new trend in the future development of group finance. In view of the problems existing in the financial management of each company and the new changes and trends mentioned above, the annual half year meeting of group finance in 2020 will be held in the form of expert training. This training is invited to: Introduction of model trainer Mr. Ye graduated from Harbin Institute of technology with a bachelor's degree in computational mechanics and a master's degree in statistics. He once served as senior vice president of big data group of Harbin Institute of technology, and as chief architect of Oracle (China) Co., Ltd. and bea systems (China) Co., Ltd. for 15 years. The first generation of front-end development engineer of sina. Led many large-scale system development and architecture design work. For example, the online mall of China's national e-commerce center has participated in the construction of Jinbao and Jinshui projects, and obtained the support of provincial scientific research funds. He is currently working in qlik as chief data analyst. The main contents of the training include: Chapter specific content Data analysis basic data analysis methodology introduces the standard methodology of data analysis, introduces the current mainstream data analysis and data mining method system, so as to have a certain understanding of data analysis. A brief introduction of statistical modeling methods, describes the principles of descriptive statistics and inferential statistics. This paper introduces the general process of statistical modeling, so as to have a certain understanding of the principle and process of statistical modeling. Statistical modeling and forecasting use regression method to forecast. This paper introduces the principle of linear regression model, introduces the modeling method of linear regression model, and forecasts through linear regression model. The concept, principle, method and application of time series model are introduced. This paper introduces how to forecast by time series model. Introduction to operations research solving linear programming problems with Excel. This paper introduces the concept and principle of linear programming problems, and how to find the optimal solution of linear programming problems through Excel. Data layering and clustering simple data processing and perspective introduces how to summarize, process and perspective data. A brief introduction of clustering algorithm introduces the principle of clustering algorithm and how to layer data by clustering algorithm. Through the data case of Keyun-Kifa company, this paper introduces the thinking and establishment process of the whole data analysis model. Through three hours of training and case operation, we have achieved the expected goal of expanding management vision and opening digital thinking. In the future, we will strengthen and cooperate with the group's strategic management and control in two aspects 1. In the face of low overall net interest rate and low capital turnover efficiency, which leads to low return on investment, it is urgent for financial managers to study hard and master the establishment of investment return analysis model and standard, assist managers to predict and coordinate the company's operation or project operation, establish evaluation mechanism, and closely follow the group's strategic positioning, adjust the direction of capital investment and investment For the projects with low net interest rate and low return on investment, timely closing, stopping, merging and transferring should be adopted. 2. Timely grasp and adapt to the new trend of industry finance integration and digital intelligence empowerment, strive to change the passive situation of financial management supporting company's weak operation ability, assist business to establish data analysis and prediction model, so as to build customer credit evaluation, screening and hierarchical system, and optimize the company's customer acquisition ability.
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  • half year meeting of KEYUN Group - Case Sharing of human resource system
    the importance of human resources is becoming more and more obvious. In the past two years, the group has invested a lot of energy in the strategic direction of building the human resources system, working closely with external human resources experts, Realize the continuous growth of human resource system. in this half year meeting, Professor Liu Zihan, an external human resource expert of the group, summarized the construction case of human resource system. the contents of this analysis are as follows: content of human resource system Based on the job analysis and job description, through the analysis of the position, formulate recruitment, training, evaluation and performance content. the significance of human resource system: human resource system is the "internal skill" of an enterprise, In the short term and long term, it has obvious effect on enterprises and individuals short term effect: improve enterprise output efficiency: clear job responsibilities and processes can help reduce internal friction and increase productivity and production efficiency. promote the ability of each colleague: clear performance system and operation process, let each colleague (including managers and grass-roots staff) focus on more productive affairs, more efficient and more happy. long term effects: & lt; & lt; seven habits of efficient personnel & gt; & gt; In this book, affairs are divided into "important and urgent" and "important and not urgent" important and urgent affairs serve daily business; important and non urgent affairs include the implementation of company strategy, optimization of operation process, etc. if an enterprise develops the habit of putting more human and financial resources on "important but not urgent" affairs, it will have a strong ability to adapt to the changing market environment, and even have a long-term foundation. the construction of human resource system needs everyone's effort, and the benefits of the system are also available to everyone. finally, KEYUN refueling!
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  • summary of the special meeting on the R & D introduction of the platform of the freight camp for the semiannual meeting of KEYUN Group in 2020
    KEYUN Group 2020 summary of the special meeting on R & D of truck and freight business platform of the annual semi annual meeting on the afternoon of July 20th, as an important topic of the strategic deployment meeting of KEYUN Group in the second half of the year, the conference center of Fangu Mijing Park, the research and development introduction and discussion branch of vehicle, box and freight camp platform software system, was held. The chairman of the group, the general manager of the group, the assistant to the chairman of the group, the financial manager of the group, the general manager, the deputy general manager, the business manager, the financial manager, the full-time HR, the members of the study group and the business backbone of the group attended the meeting. Ms. Chen Jiao, general manager of KEYUN logistics, demonstrated and shared the future change of container yard business in different scenarios. every small scene perfectly integrates the concept of unmanned and intelligent. apply the company's Internet platform, establish links with customers, advance the monitoring time axis, achieve more planning and improve customer experience; bid farewell to the window to handle orders, and realize "one yard suitcase". Using two-dimensional code and unmanned bayonet technology to simplify the operation process and greatly improve the efficiency of carrying cases; applying big data analysis to control all key nodes and intelligently optimize solutions; applying AI technology to intelligently judge operation risks and revise safety operation standards through the combination with high and new technology, a series of traditional businesses have made a qualitative leap, and KEYUN logistics unique the Great Wall of science and technology has become a solid barrier to our import and export business. transformation, we are on the way. That future, certainly can expect!
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  • 2020 KEYUN Group semi annual summary meeting and strategic deployment in the second half of the year
    2020 KEYUN Group semi annual summary meeting and strategic deployment in the second half of the year on July 20th, the 2020 KEYUN Group semi annual summary meeting and the strategic deployment meeting for the second half of the year were successfully held in fangumijing Park, Jizhou district. Attending the meeting were Mr. Fan Jinkui, chairman of the group, Mr. Liang song, general manager of the group, assistant to the chairman of the group, financial manager of the group, general manager, deputy general manager, business manager, financial manager, full-time HR, members of the learning group and business backbones of the group. after the meeting, the general managers of each subsidiary of the group successively introduced the overall business situation, business situation, financial situation and human resources situation of each company in the first half of 2020. Mr. Liang song, the general manager of the group, made a summary of the overall operation of the group, and then made important instructions on the financial work and human resources work of the group in the second half of the year. Mr. Fan Jinkui, chairman of the group, finally explained the development implementation plan of the group and discussed it with the representatives. what leaders mentioned most in their speeches was the impact of the epidemic on business. The epidemic is a double-edged sword. Although the epidemic has led to such problems as shrinking trade and sluggish shipping market, it has also given birth to the rapid growth of new business forms of logistics enterprises, which has been mentioned by every general manager. in the epidemic situation, the WeChat single business of KEYUN international logistics was put online urgently, the online booking platform of Keyun-Kifa was put into operation, and the buffeting number of Beijing KEYUN appeared. Therefore, the crisis is a dilemma for the weak, a chance in danger for the strong, and a Phoenix Nirvana.
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  • the alliance shows feelings and technology enables the future
    the alliance shows feelings and technology enables the future - the record of the 2020 half year summary meeting of KEYUN Group From July 19, 2020 to July 21st, the middle and senior management and core business backbones of the group gathered in the Fangu honey garden of Jizhou, and the semi annual summary meeting of "new opportunities in crisis and new Bureau in change" of KEYUN Group was successfully held. The whole meeting opened in a harmonious atmosphere of well-prepared and well-organized logistics enterprise alliance forum. At the Symposium on July 19th, we heard the special reports of general manager Chen Qiao and manager Yao Ruyan of KEYUN logistics on the enterprise alliance and the truck and container service platform; invited Professor Sun Chunhua, the cross-border E-Commerce Association of Binhai New Area, to make a keynote speech on "Joint Alliance, co construction and win-win"; shared the experience and expectation of the first batch of alliance enterprises to join the alliance. After listening to your speeches, Mr. Fan Jinkui, chairman of the board of directors, delivered a warm concluding speech. Fan stressed that the alliance should take "resource integration, advantage development" as the overall principle, and "innovative ideas, pragmatic operation" as the core, so as to achieve the alliance goal of "mutual benefit, coexistence and win-win". Obviously, the logistics enterprise alliance is the innovative performance of intelligent logistics "point line surface body" in the logistics practice. It is under the background of intelligent logistics that the "truck and cargo integration service matching platform" of KEYUN Group, which takes the transformation into "technology application logistics enterprise" as the strategic development goal, emerges at the historic moment. On July 20, after listening to the last year's work and operation report of each company of the group and the special report of "cold chain logistics and SOC business introduction" by general manager Dong Guang, Dong fan made a mobilization speech on "implementation plan of enterprise development strategy". From a strategic perspective, Mr. fan made a strategic plan for the long-term and stable development of the group and defined the tactical application in combination with the state's general direction of assisting digital and intelligent logistics with 5g as the core, with the cooperation feelings of "not fighting with big companies or competing with small companies for their own interests". The meeting made it clear that in order to comply with the changes of the times and the development law of the industry, the group took "logistics technology R & D and technology application" as its development goal in the second half of this year and for a long time in the future, resolutely implemented the core business plan of "full container logistics supply chain service, truck and cargo matching operation platform", and smoothly promoted the group to realize the overall transformation and upgrading as soon as possible. The meeting requires that all companies of the group must actively implement the overall strategy of the group's technology application logistics enterprises with the height of "science and technology empowering the future" and the overall view. In combination with the actual situation of all companies, they should effectively participate in the construction of the integrated service platform of vehicles, containers and goods, promote the development and growth of the enterprise logistics alliance, and increase new profit growth points while improving the brand awareness of KEYUN. Half a year's summary meeting naturally needs the figure of financial personnel. Keep pace with the times, the previous report form has been replaced by the form of knowledge training before the financial half year summary meeting. "Digital management and investment analysis model" Let the management vision of the participants be improved, the number of intelligent thinking can be opened, the industry finance integration and leading digital expertise will promote the financial personnel to play a more important role in cooperating with the group's strategic management and control. Software design and information platform development are essential to achieve the transformation of science and technology application logistics enterprises and to create the integrated service of truck and freight. Special arrangements have been made for the group's half year meeting. Chen Qiao, general manager of KEYUN logistics and invited software experts to explain the intelligent application practice and intelligent logistics system design respectively. Participants believed that the new generation of information technology will greatly enhance the advantages of KEYUN in connectivity, in-depth collaboration and efficient implementation. In the digital era, both traditional logistics enterprises, logistics platforms and logistics technology companies must be aware of the scarcity of digital talents. Finding, recruiting and retaining digital talents should be the top priority of enterprise talent strategy. If you don't have a long way to go, you must have near future worries. On July 21, the group invited human resources experts to give a wonderful and vivid lesson to all the middle and senior managers. The training makes the whole group deeply realize that any mode is created by people, and the so-called mode innovation is the innovation of thinking and people in the final analysis! The implementation of talents should be forward-looking, which is the top priority for KEYUN Group to implement the new strategy. In order to ensure the implementation of the strategy rather than castles in the air, the group held a forum on the strategic linkage of trucks in North China, central China and East China on July 21. The person in charge of the supply chain of Keyun-Kifa and the person in charge of the logistics truck business of KEYUN shared the cases respectively. After listening to the full discussion of the participants, Mr. fan made a concluding speech. He asked the East China region to increase the fleet and capacity pool to improve the passenger capacity, and through self owned fleet to achieve direct collection transportation and drop and pull transportation; asked Qingdao company to research the market from July to October, formulate plans and project preparation, and strive to start the container truck project in 2021. In the semiannual meeting, all participants must fully realize the complex rules of the logistics industry, as well as the lack of resources and network support. If KEYUN can get through the business flow, logistics, information flow and cash flow with the help of "intelligent platform, digital operation and intelligent operation", there will be no doubt that KEYUN will establish its leading position in the industry. The strategy of scientific and technological innovation, management innovation, product innovation, talent and the creation of "new KEYUN" mode by "enterprise alliance" are the mobilization orders and marching clarion call issued by the group in 2020. All members of the group must make concerted efforts, clarify responsibilities, set goals and work hard to achieve the strategic development goals of the new stage of the group!
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  • clearance and transfer business in Kenya
    our East African Kenyan products are coming! 1. Mombasa - Nairobi With the opening of the Inner Mongolia railway, It has brought convenience to Kenya Nairobi transportation, and the service has changed a lot compared with before. Before, our biggest advantage was that CFS had a very long non stacking period. With the opening of the railway, all goods to Nairobi were forced to be transferred to Nairobi by railway, so the non stacking period was only 4 days, and the customs declaration was completed within 4 days Nuclear tax payment related fees and other procedures, coupled with the arrival time may be in the weekend or other local holidays, free pile period to complete all procedures can be called myth, partners must pay attention to mark free pile period when quoting to customers. ICD customs clearance and delivery, we can provide related services. Documents required for customs clearance in Kenya: IDF, COC, packing list, invoice and bill of lading IDF:Import Declaration This document is handled by the consignee, We can do it for you COC:Certificate of Apply for PVOC inspection before shipment, and then issue COC certificate. Documents required for PVOC inspection: packing list, invoice, product test report, IDF, application form 2. Mombasa - Kampala, Uganda Documents required for customs clearance in Uganda: packing list, invoice, bill of lading, COC certificate Transshipment period: 15 working days (except for uncontrollable factors such as epidemic situation, holidays and customs system) 3. Mombasa - Juba, South Sudan Documents required for customs clearance in South Sudan: packing list, invoice, bill of lading, COC Transshipment period: 20 working days (except for uncontrollable factors such as epidemic impact, holidays and customs system) remarks: 1. Free waiting days for border clearance are 3 days, and free unloading days are 1 day. The overdue fee is 250usd / day for each vehicle 2. The quotation does not include the customs clearance at the border of the country of arrival, local taxes and fees, as well as the cost of container detention, port detention, storage and so on caused by the delay of the port. 3. Transportation contract shall be signed before transportation, and other details shall be stipulated in the contract 4. Transfer documents: packing list, invoice, catch list to our company 10 working days before the ship arrives at the port 5. The quotation does not include all government taxes, customs inspection, document discrepancy and other additional expenses incurred by the consignor.
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