• online booking information
    EVA shipping is now launching the greenx e-commerce platform, which provides online inquiry, booking and payment functions. Meanwhile, EVA shipping enjoys the services of ensuring the shipping space and priority picking up. For online booking of Tianjin port, South Africa / Red Sea / South America / Southeast Asia route will be launched. Other routes will be opened one after another. No refund fee will be charged for booking before the end of April in case of unloading or transferring to the next voyage. COSCO launched online booking, online freight inquiry, and the introduction of insured function. The number of online spaces can be viewed in real time, and the number of online spaces can be supplemented and the freight rate can be adjusted from time to time, CMA launched the online booking service of the whole route, which can query the freight rate and the container situation of the destination port online, and launch special price booking online from time to time. There is no charge for refund and transfer when the container is not picked up, but there will be refund and transfer fee after the container is picked up. Now CMA line has launched priority suitcase service, later will be launched in succession, such as cabin insurance, please pay attention. The online and offline freight rates of HPL are the same. You can check part of the charges at the port of destination at the same time when you inquire about the freight rate. You can purchase free containers at the port of departure and the port of destination when you book the online space, and you have launched the space guarantee service. In view of the lack of shipping space in peak season, the shipping space guarantee service is a very good choice.
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  • container truck help --- arrive on time, super discount
    Jinghai production and loading, small cabinet single Trailer discount price 1700, welcome to consult.
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  • container truck help -- logistics service platform of truck and freight integration
    Company Profile: Container truck Gang promotes drop and pull transportation through automatic drop and pull, integrates container, truck, cargo, customs declaration, port service and other resources, and provides container related logistics services for customers in Beijing Tianjin Hebei region. Container trailer transportation: Carry out container trailer transportation of site packing and origin unpacking, and provide customers with punctual, efficient and high-quality service Drop and hang transportation: Through direct collection / direct delivery, client drop hanging, transfer station drop hanging and other ways to reduce transportation costs, improve operation efficiency, and bring preferential treatment to customers. Container towing transfer station: Through cooperation and the establishment of container transfer station, inland yard, better to provide customers with container services Special line car, Beijing Tianjin Hebei access Route: Tianjin Wuqing Langfang Beijing Route: Tianjin Shengfang Baigou Xushui Baoding Shijiazhuang Route: Tianjin Cangzhou Hengshui Xingtai Handan Route: Tianjin Tangshan Guye Fengrun Qian'an
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  • forge ahead with innovation
            the 2019 KEYUN Group annual meeting will be held in Wanli Tianjin hotel! With the continuous strength of KEYUN Group, under the leadership of chairman Fan Jinkui, we have made joint efforts and made joint efforts. Let's walk with firm steps and vigorous vigor into the year 2020 full of expectations.
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  • Keyun group once again ranked among the top 100 international forwarding logistics companies in China
    at the unveiling ceremony of "top 100 forwarding logistics companies in 2018", KLM Group was once again ranked on the top 100 forwarding logistics companies in China and won the following Awards: In 2018, China ranked 15th in the total revenue of international freight forwarding logistics shipping business; In 2018, China ranked 13th in the total revenue of international freight forwarding logistics warehousing business; In 2018, China ranked 30th in the total revenue of international freight forwarding logistics; In 2018, China ranked 20th in the total revenue of international freight forwarding logistics land transportation business; In 2018, China's private international freight forwarding logistics business ranked 14th in total revenue;
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  • attention! The loading and unloading of dangerous goods in the three major ports have been adjusted
    Recently, Qingdao port, Zhangjiagang Yongjia container terminal and Nanjing Longtan port container terminal have adjusted the loading and unloading of dangerous goods. The following are the specific measures: Qingdao Port On April 23, 2019, to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the PLA Navy, the Chinese navy will hold an international ship reading ceremony off Qingdao, Shandong Province. During the major events, Qingdao port will take temporary control measures for dangerous goods. The following are specific temporary control measures: From April 15 to April 30, the loading and unloading operation of class 1-7 dangerous goods containers (including dangerous goods container yard operation) will be stopped. From 0:00 on April 21 to 18:00 on April 26, berthing and disembarking of product oil tankers, chemical tankers, liquefied petroleum gas tankers and bulk solid dangerous goods (except coal ships) and ship loading and unloading operations will be stopped. From 0:00 on April 22 to 24:00 on April 23, all berthing and disembarking of oil tankers (including crude oil) and ship loading and unloading operations will be stopped. On April 4, Yancheng held a meeting of the Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee, which pointed out that small chemical industries with low safety factor and serious pollution problems should be eliminated completely with the will and determination of strong men. The Xiangshui chemical industry park and the comprehensive management of the city's chemical industry should be seriously studied, and the Xiangshui chemical industry park should be completely closed. Then Jiangxi, Henan, Shandong and other places also put forward plans for the renovation of the chemical industry. Many ports in Jiangsu were affected. Zhangjiagang Yongjia container terminal On April 1, Zhangjiagang Yongjia Container Terminal Co., Ltd. issued the notice on the adjustment of dangerous goods operation, which also made the adjustment of dangerous goods handling. The details are as follows: According to the requirements of Zhangjiagang Environmental Protection Bureau, at present, our company can only operate the following 19 kinds of UN numbered dangerous goods: paint (1263), ethyl acrylate (1917), butyl acrylate (2348), isopentene (3295), solvent oil (1268), resin solution (1866), propanol (1274), chromium trioxide (1463), aminophenol (2512), lead oxide (2291) and o-xyl Nitrochlorobenzene (1578), pesticide (3349), acrylic acid (2218), alkylphenol (3145), bromine (1744), amines (2734), substances harmful to the environment (3082), heating liquid (3257), lithium battery (3090), and other dangerous goods are suspended from loading and unloading. For the import of dangerous goods on site, please pick up the case before April 15. For the export of dangerous goods on site, please arrange the shipment as soon as possible. Our company is communicating and coordinating with relevant management departments. If there is any progress, we will inform you as soon as possible. Container terminal of Longtan port, Nanjing port Relevant shipping companies and Freight Forwarders: In order to ensure the safety of dangerous goods stacking operation at the port, according to the requirements of the higher authorities to further strengthen the supervision of dangerous goods, in view of the physical and chemical characteristics of lithium battery (un3480) which is easy to burn and explode at high temperature, from April 15, 2019 (next Monday), all dangerous goods of un3480 lithium battery entering the port must be carried in refrigerated containers, and the maximum stock of our dangerous goods yard is 30 tons per day A 40 foot standard container. We hereby inform you that all shipping companies and freight forwarders concerned should inform each other. Nanjing Port Longtan container Co., Ltd April 8, 2019
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  • important reminder! The United States strictly implements the isf-5 declaration, and will face high fines if it fails to declare in time
    attention, freight forwarders and foreign trade friends who have goods transit through the United States, please make timely and accurate declaration! The shipping company has issued a notice that from March 15, 2019, the U.S. Customs and border protection will fully and strictly implement the isf-5 declaration (for transshipment to Mexico and Canada through U.S. ports). That is to say, it is required to record frob goods (goods calling at US ports during transit). Moreover, the ISF importer is defined as carrier / NVOCC. For not reporting on time or will face a high fine! As the definition of importer is extended to NVOCC (non vessel carrier), if the destination of your cargo is not a U.S. port, but the ship will call at a U.S. port before unloading, or if your U I will transfer the responsibility of ISF declaration to you! As for isf-5's reporting responsibility, some shipping companies have issued relevant notices on the official website: Main idea of the notice: As of March 15, 2019, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) will begin to fully implement the isf-5 filing requirements for foreign goods on board. This will affect any foreign cargo that calls at US ports during transit. The importer safety declaration ("10 + 2", "ISF") rules came into effect in 2009. At that time, the importer was defined as the "carrier" and the party responsible for ISF filing. Isf-5 has never been fully implemented due to confusion over the legal language of the ruling. On April 12, 2018, CBP issued the ISF decision and final rules, which extended the definition of ISF importer to NVOCC. On November 28, 2018, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) released a list of common problems in import security filing, which made it clear that NVOCC and booking agent were the parties responsible for isf-5 declaration. In the case of NVOCC, who is responsible for submitting isf-5? As isf5 documents must be filled in at the lowest level of bill of lading (applicable to HBL level) before loading, NVOCC and booking agent will be required to fill in for record. The party submitting HBL data to CBP is responsible for submitting isf5. As the originator of global customs declaration, the cumbersome us US Declaration and the high amount of fines often make customers and freight forwarders who export to the United States feel worried! It is reported that the US Customs has issued new regulations to give a new definition of ISF declaration subject, which may change the existing customs declaration mode!! As early as July 2016, the US Customs has proposed to redefine the ISF importers related to frob, ie and T & E goods, as well as goods entering FTZ / CBW. Finally, the proposal was passed in April 2018 and officially became a new clause! The new regulations are as follows: * for frob goods, the new rules define ISF importers as carrier / NVOCC. *For IE and T & E imported goods and goods to be delivered to FTZ / CBW, the new rules define that ISF importer is not only the carrier / NVOCC, but also the owner, buyer, consignee or licensed customs broker of the goods. Please note that this rule only applies to frob goods, ie and T & E goods, or goods entering the free trade zone (FTZ) or customs bonded warehouse (CBW). Frob cargo refers to the cargo that will not be unloaded at a port in the United States, but remains on board at any port in the United States. According to this change, the U.S. Customs defines the importer as the carrier or NVOCC. Importers of goods must declare isf-5 for frob goods now and in the future!
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  • the gangs involved in illegal charges, who have been in Tianjin port for many years, have been uprooted
    since the launching of the special campaign against gangs and evils and the special action of "eliminating chaos and clearing up", the Public Security Bureau of Binhai New Area has continued to increase its efforts to study, judge and crack down on all kinds of illegal acts that seriously disrupt the market order within the scope of the port, helping to continuously improve the business environment of Tianjin port. In the meantime, a 20 person gang was uprooted for a long time in the Beijiang port area of Tianjin port, whose main criminal means were illegal enclosure of land to collect parking fees and illegal operation of oil products. 50 yuan case leads to suspected evil gangs "The parking spaces on both sides of the road are our 'territory'. If you want to park here, you have to pay 50 yuan. Either you leave immediately, or the car will 'go wrong'. Don't blame us for not reminding you then." One day in March 2018, when Wang, a truck driver, stopped by the road in Beijiang port area of Tianjin port for the night, he was threatened by two strangers without any reason. Wang obediently took out 50 yuan to avoid disaster. But later, the more I thought about it, the more angry I was, so I called 110 to call the police and asked the police to give me an explanation. No one was injured and only 50 yuan was involved in the case, which aroused great concern of Tianjin Port Branch of Binhai New Area Public Security Bureau. Tianjin Port Branch organized relevant units to conduct special analysis and judgment on all the police situations involving parking disputes in Beijiang port area of Tianjin port in recent years. It was found that such police situations were mainly concentrated in Yuejin Road of Tianjin port, East Ring Road Interchange, east gate of free trade zone and other large truck parking areas, and the occurrence time was mainly at night. The above-mentioned parking charge duty personnel are all from Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia. Based on the analysis of these situations, these people may have formed a vicious Gang which is involved in bullying the market, illegally seizing the unused space in the port, and using violence, intimidation and threats to demand parking fees from the drivers in the port. Tianjin Port Branch immediately set up a special joint working class to take the current cases as a breakthrough, carry out investigation around the internal organizational relationship of the gang, find out the criminal facts as soon as possible, fix the criminal evidence, and strive to uproot the gang in a short time. "By visiting the victims of similar cases in the past, we found that most of the victims were truck drivers from other places who came to Jinji port. Because they were afraid of being retaliated after the event, they dared not speak up about their own infringement." The police of Criminal Investigation Detachment of Tianjin Port Branch told reporters that the police took the initiative to give up the rest time, and used the most relaxed time of truck drivers at night to contact the victims at fixed points, so as to eliminate their fear and vigilance, and showed the victims the confidence and determination of the public security organs to thoroughly crack down on the gangs and evil forces with the actual work results since the launching of the special struggle against gangs and evil. Finally, after nearly a month's patient visit, the victims gave up their worries and told the police about their experiences. "Regional bully" has done a lot of evil deeds With the gradual deepening of police visits, more and more victims provide clues and evidence. The special case team finally found out that the main culprits of the gang were Li Moulin, a member of Chifeng nationality in Inner Mongolia, and Li mouxin's brother. Since 2003, the two brothers began to operate mobile tire repair in Beijiang port area of Tianjin port, and gradually became familiar with the environment of the port area. After sufficient funds, by means of high welfare treatment and additional posts, the gang gradually expanded the number of gang members, and gradually formed more than 20 evil gangs headed by Li Yilin and Li Yixin, with Wang, Li, Zhang, Zhao and Zheng as the backbone. From 2014 to 2018, the gang set up 7 parking lots in Yuejin Road, Linhai Road, South Gate of customs inspection center, East Ring Road overpass, etc. of Tianjin port, during which armed threats, language threats, tire deflation, license plate destruction, glass smashing and other violent means were used for many times to forcibly collect parking fees from truck drivers. From 2017 to 2018, the gangs, through premeditated purchase of product oil tanker, illegally purchased product oil, illegally sold diesel to truck drivers in Tianjin port area without obtaining permission to sell diesel, and used violent threats to drive out other "peers", once monopolizing the illegal sales market of product oil in Beijiang port area. At the same time, Li Moulin Gang also terrorized and drove out the floating tire repair practitioners in the port area, forming a "regional hegemony" in the port area, and charged "protection fee" to 16 floating tire repair practitioners in the port area at the standard of 1500 yuan per month. Dispatch troops to strike the thunder The gang's behavior has caused psychological compulsion to the drivers in the port area, caused fear to some legal operators, violated the property and personal rights of legal enterprises and the masses, seriously damaged the business environment of Tianjin port, and formed a vicious group. After mastering the powerful clues provided by the victims, Tianjin Port Branch mastered the organizational structure of the gang and a large number of criminal facts through careful investigation and sorting, and locked in the conclusive evidence that the gang was suspected of extortion, illegal operation, intentional injury and other criminal acts. The time is ripe, Tianjin Port Branch decided to close the net, thunderstruck, the gang completely eradicated. Under the guidance and strong support of Tianjin Public Security Bureau and Binhai New Area Public Security Bureau, the special task force carefully formulated the arrest plan and assembled a large-scale and skilled arrest team. On the evening of April 24, 2018, the Tianjin Port Branch and the special police detachment of Binhai New Area Public Security Bureau dispatched more than 260 police forces. After a night of fighting, they arrested 20 suspects including gang leaders and backbones such as the principal culprit Li and Lin brothers, and seized 8 gas tankers, various account books, computers and a large amount of material evidence. Overnight, the criminal group on one side collapsed. The successful detection of the case marks that the Tianjin port police launched the first shot in the fight against gangs and evils, and effectively deterred the crimes. At present, 16 suspects in the evil gang have been prosecuted by the procuratorial organ.
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  • a number of well-known logistics enterprises will gather in this grand gathering
    Today Xi'an is not only one of the most popular tourist cities in China Or an important node city along the "the Belt and Road Initiative" It also has great achievements in trade and logistics From April 8 to 11, 2019, the 16th China International Logistics Festival and Qingdao port · the 9th Western China International Logistics Industry Expo (hereinafter referred to as "logistics Festival") jointly sponsored by China Transportation Association and Xi'an Municipal People's government will be held in Xi'an. With the theme of "New Silk Road, new hub and new logistics", this logistics Festival has attracted a large number of well-known logistics enterprises, city representatives and industry people from countries along the "the Belt and Road Initiative" to attend the meeting. The transnational exchange and docking of the logistics industry has given the forum great value. Logistics festival will open soon In recent years, Shaanxi, with the construction of the "the Belt and Road Initiative" as the link, has been promoting the upgrading and sustainable development of the whole industry. It is constantly building a three-dimensional silk road channel and cultivating an incubation and cooperation platform. Through the development of hub economy, portal economy and mobile economy, people flow, logistics and information flow will be gathered together to gradually form a modern economic system with Shaanxi characteristics. As a highly representative node and hub city in the the Belt and Road Initiative initiative, Xi'an plays an increasingly obvious role in actively integrating into the development of the the Belt and Road Initiative as a logistics transportation hub with the approval of the construction of a national central city. Its superior geographical advantages and investment environment have attracted the knowledge of Alibaba, Tencent, HUAWEI, ZTE, ChuanHua, Suning, CRRC, China Railway and CSCEC Investment by famous enterprises. The 16th China International Logistics Festival and the 9th Qingdao port Western China International Logistics Industry Expo in Xi'an will focus on: The impact of "the Belt and Road Initiative", China EU trains, hub construction, innovation driven, "Internet +" and international cooperation on China's logistics industry; At the same time, combined with the experience and achievements of the implementation of the "the Belt and Road Initiative" construction in Xi'an, the construction of China (Shaanxi) pilot free trade zone and the construction of National Central City, the whole logistics industry will be promoted to upgrade and sustainable development. Hand in hand with Xi'an Heavy guests gather at the logistics Festival, which will be a heavy gathering for the industry. Many well-known logistics enterprises at home and abroad, city representatives and industry figures from countries along the "the Belt and Road Initiative" will show up in Xi'an. Among them, the participating enterprises are involved in air transportation, express delivery, warehousing, transportation, e-commerce, supply chain, information platform, China Europe train and other aspects of logistics industry and its upstream and downstream. Leaders from China Eastern Airlines logistics, Suning logistics, zhongjiaoxing Road, trans Eurasian international freight, Xi'an international land port multimodal transport, Qingdao port, Rizhao Port, Shaanxi Tongjia, Shaanxi Automobile Group and other well-known enterprises; leaders from logistics management organizations in nearly 40 domestic cities such as Tianjin, Chongqing and Nanjing will lead the delegation to attend. In addition, Mr. Tan Li lung, Consul General of Malaysia in Xi'an, Hoy pichravuth, Consul General of the kingdom of Cambodia in Xi'an, Jin Bingquan, Consul General of the Republic of Korea in Xi'an, abay bulatov, Chinese representative of Kazakhstan Railway Corporation, and other counsellors, officials and responsible persons of foreign enterprises from more than 20 countries in China will also attend the logistics Festival. International Perspective Build an excellent platform for business docking, and the logistics Festival has an international perspective. The participants can not only conduct theoretical discussion and scientific and technological achievements display in the logistics Festival, but also find opportunities to cooperate with domestic and foreign enterprises and share global resources. Among them, the organizing committee will specially prepare a business exchange zone after the 2019 Global Logistics Forum on April 9 to provide an excellent platform for domestic and foreign logistics enterprises and their upstream and downstream enterprises to integrate resources, trade communication and business expansion.
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  • the rate of punctuality of transpacific routes has fallen to a low point: two thirds of container cargoes are delayed!
    it is reported that recently, marine intelligence said. In February of this year, the punctuality rate of trans Pacific routes dropped, and about two-thirds of container ships were delayed. Sea intelligence, an analysis company, said that this shows that there is a time crisis in the Pacific routes. "In any case, in the current situation, more than two-thirds of the trans Pacific vessels are delayed, which is a situation that no one can be satisfied with," marine intelligence wrote. The report shows that on the Pacific route, the reliability of service and on-time delivery of containers by major shipping companies is at the lowest level in many years! On the key routes from Asia to the west coast of North America, timeliness dropped to 38.6%, the lowest level since 2015. It is said that at that time, the strike of dock workers on the west coast of the United States made it difficult for container transport companies to arrive in time. In terms of routes from Asia to the east coast of North America, the index fell to an all-time low of 31.5% in February. According to sea intelligence, in the ocean alliance and the alliance, this kind of low rate always exists. The marine Intelligence Agency pointed out that the root cause could not be found for the time being. According to expert analysis, operators may argue that the reason is largely out of control because all major operators seem to perform equally badly. At present, there is no real way to prove this, and even if the shipping company is fighting for a buffer period for transportation time, it may be the same result. Despite the decline in the rate of Pacific routes, the global rate rose to 73.7% in February, an increase of 6.5 percentage points over the same period last year.
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  • Zhang Guoqing went to Binhai New Area and Tianjin port to investigate and resolve the contradiction between the port and the city
    Recently, Zhang Guoqing, deputy secretary of Tianjin municipal Party committee and mayor, went to Binhai New Area and Tianjin port to investigate and solve the contradiction between the port and the city. Zhang Guoqing went to Binhai New Area and Tianjin port to investigate and resolve the contradiction between the port and the city For a long time, the distribution of Tianjin Gangji has been dominated by road transportation, and the proportion of railway transportation is relatively low. There have been problems such as the mutual interference between the distribution and urban transportation, the imbalance of the collection and distribution structure, the lack of special channels, and the unreasonable layout of port functions. In Taida street, the traffic of goods vehicles and urban traffic is mixed, and the noise pollution on both sides of the road is serious. At the intersection of Xingang No.4 road and Donghuan Road, the pressure on Haibin Avenue increases sharply due to the implementation of Customs sealing management in the bonded zone and the lack of North-South connecting roads. At the intersection of Yuejin Road and Haitie Avenue, the block on the west side of the intersection makes Haitie Avenue and 12th Avenue unable to connect Zhang Guoqing successively came to the above places to inspect the road status and regional layout on the spot to understand the problem blocking point. He pointed out that the port advantage is one of the core strategic resources for Tianjin's development, and the "port" and "city" complement each other and complement each other. Binhai New Area and Tianjin port group should consider and plan from height and quality development, reasonably ease and guide, carefully organize and implement, and effectively reduce the negative impact of the environment based on the implementation of the major national strategy for the coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei. The Municipal Bureau of planning and natural resources, the Municipal Transportation Commission, the municipal development and Reform Commission and other departments should comprehensively study and judge, not only for the present, but also for the long term, make overall planning and coordination of the port city, leave enough space for port development, and come up with practical and feasible implementation plans as soon as possible. Zhang Guoqing stressed that it is necessary to thoroughly implement the important guiding spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping when he inspected Tianjin port, resolve to resolve the contradiction between the port and the city, build a world-class green port and smart port with the vision of thousands of miles, and truly realize the "common prosperity of the port and the city". It is necessary to optimize the functional layout of the port area, focus on the construction of the northern international shipping core area, improve the collection and distribution system, optimize the terminal logistics organization, speed up the road network planning and construction, set up special port channel, greatly increase the proportion of railway transportation, and close the deep connection between Tianjin port and inland hinterland. It is necessary to improve the intelligent level of the port, speed up the in-depth integration of intelligent technology and various fields of the port, make greater efforts to reduce the comprehensive cost of Tianjin port to the level of obvious competitiveness in the country, achieve the domestic leading level of operation efficiency, achieve the world-class level of intelligent port construction, and realize the leap forward development of container throughput.
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  • Group Profile
    KLM Group was founded in 1993. After years of operation, KLM Group has developed into a large-scale specialized comprehensive logistics group with a number of national level industry licenses and international professional qualification certification, engaged in international import and export goods transportation and logistics extension services. The group is headquartered in Tianjin. Keyun Group has always been adhering to the enterprise tenet of "people-oriented, efficient and pragmatic, and common development". Its service network covers major ports in China and large and medium-sized cities in the mainland to provide quick door-to-door services for customers' import and export business. Through overseas branches of the group and overseas agents in more than 60 countries and regions, it provides perfect one-stop logistics services for our customers. Through the quality management system, financial management and control system, and relying on the effective reserve personnel training system, Keyun Group has gradually formed the core business segments of international freight forwarding and international multimodal transport; port warehousing, container management services, container leasing and sales; ship leasing; and international project logistics. As a professional international logistics group, we are committed to constantly improving the construction of our various service functions and service platforms, establishing and improving the extended service system for different customers' personalized needs, and providing more high-quality and efficient logistics services for customers at home and abroad. Relying on the ISO9001 quality management system, financial control system and strong talent advantages, Keyun Group realizes the unified management, information and market of the group, provides international, professional and standardized logistics services to customers, and maximizes resource efficiency. At the same time, Keyun Group uses advanced IT system to improve efficiency, reduce costs and improve the core competitiveness of the group through orderly internal control and management. "We sincerely invite customers from all over the world and XinDa merchants from all over the world". Keyun Group adheres to the principle of honesty and looks forward to cooperating with merchants from all walks of life at home and abroad.
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