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  • Keyun group spring dinner in 2019
    Wang Gou's good news Welcome spring Looking back on 2018, we will not forget our original intention and forge ahead. Looking forward to 2019, we will forge ahead and work hand in hand. Time flies by. In the twinkling of an eye, KLM Group ushered in the spring dinner of 2019. At this wonderful moment, we are all happy together. The lion is a auspicious animal in the eyes of the Chinese people, symbolizing good luck and good luck. Therefore, in the lion dance activities, the people are entrusted to eliminate disasters. Ask for the good will of Geoffrey. The opening interactive show "the Golden Lion sends blessings" is different from the traditional lion dance show in the past. The multimedia projection interactive technology with modern sense of science and technology makes the lion vivid in the scene. Under the leadership of chairman fan, KLM has become a professional supplier of marine import and export, cargo logistics, and provides one-stop service of cargo port to door, door-to-port, port to port, and In Port services. Excellent leadership is the core of a team. Along the way, the development of Keyun Group for many years is inseparable from the leadership and careful guidance of chairman fan, our leader. In the future, we will work together and forge ahead! Along the way, Keyun group can not do without the careful guidance of the leaders and the hard work of every employee, especially the employees who have been on their posts for ten or twenty years. "A single flower is not a spring, but a hundred flowers bloom in the garden." This is a poem praising cohesion; "We know that the individual is weak, but we also know that the whole is strength. ——"Marx" This is the evaluation of cohesion given by celebrities. In our work, we can't do without an excellent team. Only with an excellent team can we have a sustainable future. At the annual meeting, chairman fan presented awards to the excellent team. In the talented group, there is no lack of excellent programs. Liu Baojiang of Keyun logistics has brought a first love The 24 hour long distance running team of Keyun Kifa presented the song "to all the people who know my name", and the colleagues of Gangji Shipping performed the song string burning for everyone. If you don't live every year, heaven rewards you. A hundred ships compete for the best, and a thousand sails compete for the best. We have gone through unforgettable 2018 and ushered in the long-term 2019. I hope that in the new year, all of you will unite as one, make great progress, and move towards a higher goal in the year of 2019 full of vitality and hope!
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  • Xiamen port and San Antonio port in Chile
    the port of Sanantonio, the great port of Chile, has recently become the Fourteenth International Friendly port of Xiamen port, and the "the Belt and Road Initiative" circle of friends of Xiamen port has been further expanded. In November last year, China and Chile signed a memorandum of understanding on cooperation in jointly building the "the Belt and Road Initiative". This time, Xiamen port and Sanantonio port have established a friendly port, implemented the national "the Belt and Road Initiative" initiative, and assisted in the construction of Fujian pilot free trade zone and Xiamen international shipping center. According to the Xiamen Port Administration Bureau, after the formation of a friendly port this time, Xiamen port will adopt a variety of modes such as "going out, please come in", expand cooperation and exchanges with the "the Belt and Road Initiative" national ports, support the development policy of "Silk Road shipping", which is the first in Fujian Province, and promote new breakthroughs made by Xiamen international shipping center. It is reported that San Antonio port is one of the major ports in Chile, and its container and bulk cargo business is relatively developed. At present, China is Chile's largest trading partner, largest export destination and largest import source in the world. After the establishment of a friendly port, Xiamen port will strengthen cooperation with San Antonio port in the transportation of minerals, red wine, fresh fruits, aquatic products and other goods. "In addition to shipping logistics, Xiamen port and Sanantonio port can also carry out various forms of exchanges and cooperation in port management and information technology, so as to promote common prosperity and development," the relevant person in charge of Xiamen Port Administration introduced, "after the conclusion of the friendly port, the two sides will tap market demand, actively open up container routes, improve cargo handling and trade levels, and expand exchanges between the two ports Cooperation. " It is reported that since the signing of the first permanent friendly port agreement with Baltimore port on March 1, 2002, Xiamen port has successively cooperated with Duisburg port in Germany, ilichovsk port in Ukraine, lasparmas port in Spain, mupu new port in South Korea, pinzer port in South Korea, Guangyang port in South Korea, efoglitz port in the United States, zebruges port in Belgium, basheng port in Malaysia and Mai port in the United States Amit port, cork port in Ireland, Flinders port in Australia and other ports have formed friendly ports.
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  • work summary of KLM in 2018 and outlook of work deployment of KLM in 2019
    on January 18, 2019, the 2018 work summary and 2019 work deployment outlook meeting of KEYUN Group was held in KEYUN VIP Hall of Wenstin hotel. Group executives, the company's management core and business backbone to participate. The meeting listened to the summary report of warehousing and transportation. Mr. Fan Jinkui, chairman of the group, disassembled the operation structure of the group in 2019 with the idea of improving the corporate culture and the comprehensive quality of personnel as the central idea. He required the implementation of management and control system, HR management, information network and financial operation to support the core business and provide high-quality comprehensive logistics services for customers.
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  • Discussion on visualization and intellectualization of logistics solutions
    at nine a.m. on November 2, 2018, Mr. Fan Jinkui, chairman of KEYUN group, presided over the discussion on the visualization and intelligence of the land transportation software training and logistics solutions of KEYUN logistics development company, which was attended by a number of Group executives, land transportation business related employees and IT department, was held in the conference room of KEYUN group. At the meeting, Chi Yi of the information department first introduced the new software in detail, and demonstrated the problems that are easy to appear in each link. After the software demonstration, chairman fan made a summary: he expressed his unique views on the visualization of logistics solutions; he made an in-depth analysis on the visualization of trucks, freight forwarders, and warehouses; he made a prospect for the future intelligence of logistics industry, and achieved the goal of improving efficiency through convenient services, which produced a sticky effect with customers and made the business achieve a benign cycle Ring.
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  • "red boat spirit" set sail -- Shanghai KEYUN went to South Lake and Xinchang to carry out group building activities
    golden October is a colorful world. The fragrance of Osmanthus always makes people feel comfortable! No matter where you go, you can see many natural colors everywhere. Those colors such as ink color surging scroll, all enchanting, lifelike! From November 3 to November 4, 2018, we went to Nanhu and Xinchang in Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province, the holy land of revolution, for an autumn tour to further enhance the cohesion and combat effectiveness of our company. In the summer of 1921, the first National Congress of the Communist Party of China held in Shanghai was harassed by the French, and was forced to move to a small boat in Nanhu, Jiaxing to continue. From then on, the little red boat carried the weight and sowed the fire of the Chinese revolution. Xi Jinping stressed: "the site of the first CPC National Congress in Shanghai and the red boat in South Lake are the places where our party dreams of sailing. Our party was born here, went to war here, and came to power all over the country. This is the root of our party. " Our pursuit of KEYUN people: To explore the reality, the pursuit of progress! Xinchang 19 peak scenic spot is famous for its elegance, seclusion, strangeness and danger. It is surrounded by beautiful scenery. Standing on the peak, you can enjoy the scenery of countryside. Feilong plank road is built on the cliff with a total length of more than 3200 meters and a height of 150 meters. It is composed of ancient wooden plank road, Feilong plank road and overpass. And the glass viewing platform stretching out of the air is 4.5 meters long and 1.5 meters wide. Standing at the height of 200 meters, you can overlook the scenery at your feet and feel - awesome, KEYUN! Look, the cable bridge connects the toutoushan mountain and the old Chuanyan scenic spot. The whole cable bridge is 150 meters high and 130 meters long! Majestic and steep mountains, and look at women's style! Do not forget the original intention, forge ahead. It's both a summary and a beginning. Let's continue to live up to the time with a sincere smile and build a dream! Let's look forward to the next stop!
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  • going out to meet new challenges
    from October 17 to 19, Ningbo Branch was invited to attend the 9th International Logistics summit held in the beautiful mountain city of Chongqing. As a cross regional and cross-border logistics elite meeting, the summit has broadened the channels for domestic logistics to cooperate with foreign countries and regions. More than 1500 government leaders, business leaders and industry elites from more than 100 countries and regions participated in the meeting to communicate and exchange with each other and find foreign partners suitable for the enterprise's products. Ms. He Juan, general manager of Ningbo Branch, led the team and Luo Yanfang, manager of overseas department, attended the meeting. According to the characteristic development needs of the branch company and the suggestions of chairman fan Jinkui of the group, we conducted one-to-one invitation communication with agents from South America, the United States, Africa, Southeast Asia and other regions to further understand the business strength, characteristics and advantages of agents in each region and discuss the possible cooperation direction in the future. Through full preparation and good interaction, the invited agents all expressed the hope that there will be further cooperation in the future. In the full display of the KEYUN brand at the same time for the Ningbo branch to "go out, meet new challenges" took the first step!
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  • HR recruitment skills training of KLM Group was successfully held
    on the morning of September 26, 2018, HR and relevant employees of all branches of KLM Group participated in the "recruitment skills training meeting" in the meeting room of Tianxing riverside square harbor and shipping company. The meeting was presided over by Mr. Yuan Zhongkai, manager of Human Resources Department of Keyun-Kifa, and explained and trained by senior teacher of embedded human resources consulting company. The training content mainly involves: There are more than ten contents, such as the change of recruitment form, six modules of human resources, recruitment channels, internal factors affecting recruitment, salary competitiveness, building of employer brand image, internal recruitment process, interview preparation, job description (arpci tool), interview skills, campus recruitment, campus propaganda, human resources development prospects, etc. After the training course, Mr. Gao and Mr. Yuan Zhongkai organized a discussion on the practical problems encountered in the previous recruitment work. Based on the problems raised by everyone, Mr. Gao analyzed with everyone, pointed out the pain points in the current human resources and recruitment work of each branch of KEYUN Group, and gave some suggestions for solution. Through the training and discussion, everyone said that the construction of human resources can not be successfully solved with efforts and determination overnight. The fundamental solution is to find out the problems and break them one by one, from the compilation of job responsibilities, to the careful preparation before the interview, and to improve the company's human resources system in every bit of work. I hope this is the opportunity for learning and communication in the future There will be more.
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  • exchange visits with COSCO enterprises to promote exchanges and seek development
    in April, spring is full of vitality, and everything is revived. In order to further strengthen the communication and exchange between the industries and enhance mutual understanding and cooperation, leaders of COSCO COSCO group, general managers and business backbones of KEYUN Logistics Group participated in the two companies' mutual visits and mutual learning and in-depth exchanges for 2 and 3 days respectively. Participants include general manager haihaixin, deputy general manager of COSCO, general manager Yang Yang of COSCO domestic trade department, deputy general manager Liu Yu of COSCO, general manager tixiuxiang of KEYUN Group, general manager Liang Song, general manager Dong Guang, general manager Cui Huan of Gangji company, general manager Huang Cheng of Hongkong credit company, general manager Wang Tao of Hongkong express and key business personnel of each company. The talks started with COSCO Group's promotion of domestic trade development as the center for business exchanges. COSCO, as a state-owned enterprise, explains the core issues such as the construction of domestic trade ships, the distribution of domestic trade routes, the classification of goods, and the online booking trade of Pan Asian e-commerce. The general managers of KEYUN Group introduced their business priorities, advantages, cooperation direction and objectives. The two sides hope to further expand the scope of cooperation, "foreign trade business from small to large, domestic trade business from scratch.". COSCO Haima has analyzed and summarized the cooperation experience of the two companies in the past. It not only highly valued the good foundation of the two companies, but also summarized the shortcomings. It is hoped that in the process of future cooperation, the service tenet of "full-time and consistent to customers" will be better played. At the same time, Mr. KEYUN also proposed that the two companies should pay more visits and communicate with each other in the future.
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  • one year's reform of customs institutions: starting again with joint efforts!
    what happens when forces merge? in a year, many changes have taken place, but there is one belief that remains unchanged, keep in mind the mission of keeping a good country. when you set out, our efficient supervision will help you set sail; when we come back, we will stick to it day and night. We hope you can pass the customs smoothly; in the dilemma, we are the door to break the barriers of innovative services; in front of the gate of China, we take the initiative to attack, incarnating a solid shield; the "the Belt and Road Initiative" trade is smooth, and China is close to the world and shares a dynamic market. we march forward side by side, our hearts resonate with each other and gather great strength. in 2019, the new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, the new customs work together to start again! the first anniversary of the new customs persistent new customs will go with you all the way one year's reform of customs institutions: starting again with joint efforts!
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  • the four giants set up the world's largest container shipping alliance to solve the digital information standards to improve efficiency
    after obtaining regulatory approval from the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) last month, four container shipping companies, A.P. Moller – Maersk, MSC, hapago – Lloyd and Ocean network express, have nearly 50% of the global capacity (one) - the digital container shipping association (DCSA) was officially established in Amsterdam, the Netherlands on April 10, 2019, and more companies are expected to join in the future. the goal of the four giants is to standardize digital development and formulate common information technology standards, so as to improve the efficiency of the industry to customers and shipping companies. the plan was first announced in November 2018, according to a statement, the aim is to create a neutral, non-profit association for ocean shipping companies. the association is committed to promoting the standardization, digitization and interoperability of information technology in container transportation. it is worth noting that at that time, besides the current four giants, the founding members also included Dafei group. In November last year, Rajesh Krishnamurthy, executive vice president of technology and transformation, said: "Dafei has been looking for best practices and standards to support the company's innovation and digital strategy. As founding members, we can work together to create digital standards for the entire industry. " This time, Dafei group did not participate in it, and the relevant personnel list of the Alliance Association did not explain the reason, but said it was still negotiating with Dafei group and was looking forward to its participation. Thomas bagge of Mueller Maersk Group was appointed CEO and statutory director of DCSA. Andre Simha, chief information officer of mediterranean shipping, was appointed chairman of the supervisory board of DCSA. Thomas bagge, chief information officer of Maersk Andre Simha, chief information officer of MSC Mediterranean Shipping “ for the first time in 20 years, the container shipping industry has a common goal, which is to bring the industry into the digital era. "Andre Simha, chief information officer of MSC mediterranean shipping company and chairman of the supervisory board of DCSA, said:" with regulatory approval in place, we look forward to the association's work and start working with multiple stakeholders from the whole value chain. " according to the statement of MSC, in order to create value quickly and overcome the biggest pain point in the industry, one of the first projects is to focus on information standardization, so as to overcome the common foundation problem of lack of technical interface and data. The association is also creating an industry blueprint for the process, which will be another important part of shipping's future. The partner said in a statement that all standards will be publicly released and provided free of charge to interested outsiders, so the work will benefit the industry as a whole. the association is headquartered in Amsterdam, which seems to be against any shipping company in the group. But at the same time, the association claims that it offers proximity to shipping infrastructure and convenient connectivity, as well as an attractive location for talented employees. Simha said: "DCSA is working for the benefit of the whole container shipping industry, so it's very important for us to have a neutral headquarters. No specific stakeholders or companies are favored." DCSA is also negotiating with several other container shipping companies in the world that are interested in joining. The partners said preparations for the other two companies to join were already in progress. Maersk: Thomas bagge, CEO and statutory director MSC: Andre Simha, chairman of the board of supervisors Maersk:  Adam banks, chief technology and Information Officer Hapag-Lloyd: Martin gnass, managing director, information technology ONE: Noriaki Yamaga, managing director, enterprise and innovation
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  • container space, do you understand?
    1. Row (row) There are two ways to express it (1) From the bow to the stern, they are arranged in the order of natural numbers and numbered 01, 02, 03 express. (2) From bow to stern, they are arranged in odd or even order of natural numbers. When loading 20ft container, use odd number sequence number 01, 03, 05, 07 express. When loading 40ft container, number 02,06,10,14 in even order express. 2. Column number There are two ways to express it (1) From starboard to port, they are arranged in the order of natural numbers, numbered 01, 02, 03 express. (2) Based on the middle longitudinal section, the starboard and port sides are arranged in odd or even order respectively. When the total number of columns is odd, the column number of the box on the head and tail lines is 00, the column number of the box on the starboard side is 01, 03, 05, 07... And the column number of the box on the port side is 02, 04, 06, 08. When the total column number is even, there is no box on the fore and aft lines. The column number of the box on the starboard or port side is the same as above, with the numbers of 01, 03, 05, 07 Or 02,04,06,08 3. Floor number There are two ways to express it Cabin inner layer number and deck layer number (1) Method 1 The inner layer number is based on the lowest layer in the cabin, and the sequence numbers H1, H2, H3 are used from bottom to top express. The deck number is based on the deck, and the sequence numbers D1, D2, D3 are used from bottom to top express. (2) Method 2 The number of the inner layer is based on the lowest layer of the cabin, which is numbered 02, 04, 06 from bottom to top express. The deck number is based on the deck. It is used to number 80, 82, 84 from bottom to top express. 4. Q & A Q: where are the three boxes 531212, 540788 and 551184? Have you found it?
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